Can I Put Metal In The Microwave? [Updated 2023]

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Are you wondering if you can put metal in the microwave? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about this topic and want to know if it’s safe or not. Although it is said that, some types of containers are not appropriate for the microwave.

As same as that, people look so concerned about metal, and the question arises in their mind “Can I put metal in the microwave”? Although it is believed by some people, metal can be used in microwaves whereas some uttered these words, don’t put metal in the microwave! It’ll explode.

In this way, people are always confused about what to do and don’t.  Basically, microwaves are our faithful friend that will help us a lot in heating and cooking food.

We all love microwaves and That means we must need to learn exactly what the microwave can do and what it definitely doesn’t do just because we use it on daily basis. And one of the common questions about do and don’t is “can I put metal in the microwave.?

So, don’t be so upset, if you are one of these people who are wondering to know about putting metal in the microwave then you will find your answer throughout this helpful detailed guide. You will get a ride from this confusion after getting your answer. So keep reading this article for further detail!

Is it safe to put metal in the microwave?

Put Metal In The Microwave

Now you will be surprised to know that some metal CAN be put in the microwave. Even the walls of a microwave are made of metal and it has a metal shelf on the inside, too. So, we can say that not only is the metal safe to use in the microwave, but it can also enhance your cooking experience when you microwave your favorite and special dishes.

But you should keep in mind that the use of flat metal or foil can reflect heat against your food, and it can lead to transforming it from a soggy mess to a crispy delight, which never be good. The other important thing to be noticed is that metal can also be used to prevent parts of your food from overcooking. That’s why you need to use foil around the edges or oil to prevent your food to be overdone.

Stay safe with metal

Yes, that’s true some metal is safe to be used in the microwave and also helps to improve our microwaving experience, but we are not saying that you can start chucking all the metal utensils in the microwave. Basically, there are many people who said that using metal in the microwave is sparks.

So what can cause sparks to fly in the microwave? So, the reason is shaped. When you use Thin and jagged edges it will cause a build-up of electromagnetic energy and also cause sparks and fire.

So, you just need to avoid it, and you can do it by only using smooth tin foil, as wrinkled foil has those pesky jagged edges, and you can safely use a spoon in the microwave, but a fork can’t be recommended.

Flat and thick sheets of metal are safe to use, as they don’t make a build-up of electromagnetic energy. The best idea to stay safe is that you should read the manufacturer’s manual supplied properly that comes with your microwave when you make a purchase.

Because there are some microwave guides that will let you learn whether you can safely use materials like aluminum foil, metal trays, and food packaging like popcorn bags. So you need to follow the advice specific to your oven to avoid any serious issues. Metal is not safe in the microwave in some conditions.

There are many pieces of metal that are different from each other. The thin or sharp edges of metal is not useable in the microwave. Basically, Microwaves have electromagnetic waves that can affect some types of molecules but molecules like water, fat, and sugar are good at absorbing microwaves and the surface of the metal can be affected by these waves.

What Happens When You Put Metal In A Microwave?

Put Metal In The Microwave

If you put metal in your microwave, there will not be going to happen a massive explosion or your house will not fill with “radioactive waves.”

But the result of putting metal might likely be arcing or sparking, which can easily damage your microwave, or maybe a small fire may happen. But that’s not mean, the same thing will happen every time, keep in mind that it is just as likely, nothing at all will happen.

It totally depends on the type of metal that you’re using. So, you need to be very careful when you are going to put metal in the microwave.


As we all know Microwaves help us a lot to cook and heat food quickly and easily. They can be found almost in every house. But when it comes to putting a metal container in it, you should be careful.

Generally speaking, although certain metals are safe in your microwave, so you can use them, All types of metals are not safe but the metal in aluminum foil is thin enough, that’s why it will not reflect the microwaves so much and easily absorb the rays. So we can say that you have to avoid putting metal in the microwave. So that is all, you need to know about “can I put metal in the microwave”. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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