Do Microwaves Kill Fly Eggs? [Updated 2023]

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When we heat up our food and then put it into the microwave so do microwaves kill fly eggs? This question is noticeable. Basically, Human inventions are just unbelievable things and microwaves are one of them that happen to be the best invention ever! It is a common issue in every home that people place their food uncovered and fly sit on their meal and also lay eggs there.

Well, if you don’t like to cook or heat your food over the flame, then the microwave is a good choice for you. Right from cooking meals to heating your food to perfection, the microwave is always the number one choice, and no doubt this appliance is no less than magic. Yeah, we agree with this, microwaves have made our life so easy, but there are facts to know about whether microwaving your food can kill the fly eggs or not.  So you need to find out the answer to this question through our detailed guide.

Microwaves kill fly Eggs

To find out the stored material of the food industry and some meals in your kitchen with insects like flies, fly eggs, flying fragments, fungi, and mycotoxins is a big issue. Disinfestation of food can be gained by high pressure & temperature, chemical, and thermal solutions.

Microwaves Kill Fly Eggs

Microwave is an amazing alternative to all these methods of killing insects like flies and fly egg. We have heard a lot of heating food before eating will help to keep the freshness because it is true that cooked food will lose its freshness in just three hours. Heating food will also help to kill bad pathogens and insect eggs.

 According to some studies it is to be extremely hard to kill them with heat, chemicals, and even radiation. But there are a lot of studies that declare that sticking something in your microwave for around 30 seconds at 500 watts could be more than enough to destroy any insect eggs. So yes, fly larvae can be killed with increased temperature.

At 115° F, larvae start to leave a substrate. At 120° or higher, they are easily killed. So, cooking food conventionally by baking or microwaving, insects, insect eggs, bacteria, and viruses in foods are destroyed. But this totally depends on the temperature. We can say that these insects’ bad eggs may still survive if they are not heated to the required temperature. So we can say that cooking at a certain temperature can kill germs and insects. 

Cleaning your microwave

 As it is said, Cooking at high temperatures can easily kill the eggs of insects but what to do if you cook or heat a portion of food with bad infects eggs and they are not destroyed properly? Well, Apart from that some easy home remedies like heating lime and water can also help disinfect the microwave. It is necessary to take care of regular cleaning to keep the food you eat, safe from any bacteria or viruses and insects eggs.

You can also make a combo of baking soda, salt, and vinegar to clean the microwave. This easy home remedy works very well against eggs and larvae. You just need to, pour a cup of baking soda, a cup of salt, and two cups of vinegar down the drain. Let it sit overnight, then flush the mixture down the drain with boiling water. So you can easily get rid of the insect’s eggs.

What happens if you eat food with fly eggs on it?

Microwaves Kill Fly Eggs

This is a fact that most flies lay eggs, but some flies give birth to live maggots. So what happens if you eat your meal with a fly’s eggs? So this is amazing that nothing will happen to you if you eat your meal with a fly egg. Just The fly egg will die. But what happens if you accidentally eat the meal with fly larvae?

So as we have told you some flies give birth to maggots which means that it is possible for maggots to become contaminated with Salmonella enteritis and Escherichia coli bacteria that can lead to infection including fever, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, and cramping. So this is not good for your health. So you need to be careful about eating an uncovered meal.

Basically, Flies lay their eggs in the food they sit on and you can’t see the eggs, but they are still there in your food. And with the spending time, maggots will appear in the food. Luckily, these Insect eggs won’t be able to survive the cooking process. So when you hear your food through the microwave then the higher amount of heat will kill them.


So, that’s all you need to know about “Does microwave kill fly eggs”? So we can say that Insect eggs cannot survive during the cooking process. They may take a small amount of heat. However, the fly’s eggs are exposed to anything that could feasibly ‘cook‘ the food, then the egg reached its end. A certain heat can easily kill the insects and also their eggs. You can also try easy home remedies to get rid of all kinds of germs, bacteria, insects, and their eggs or larva.

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