How To Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave? [Updated 2023]

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Are you looking for ways to make fluffy scrambled eggs in the microwave? You’re not alone. There are many people out there who are looking to make tasty, easy eggs in their microwave.

Use your microwave to make light and fluffy scrambled eggs For an easy and quick breakfast to start your day happily, you can use the microwave if you want to make light and fluffy scrambled eggs. But as we try to start our day happily in this way mostly lost our all ingredients.

So, if you want to make your delicious breakfast quickly like yummy fluffy scrambled eggs in the microwave, just you have to follow the technique in this recipe for perfect results every time. The microwave will prove the key to irresistibly, yummy fluffy scrambled eggs that are ready in just mere minutes. Believe it, it’s possible if you just try this top-rated recipe for microwave eggs.

Cooking in this way will be an easy way to scramble eggs, and you will get perfect results – what you have to need for this is a bowl and your microwave. If you need a speedy breakfast this recipe of scrambled eggs is very perfect. You will not need to use a big pan for this and perfect for when you want just one egg.

The eggs are cooked and ready in the bowl they are whisked in – so less washing up! Simply you have to mix them in a bowl or a mug, set your microwave for 1.5 minutes, and your delicious breakfast is done! Just use a white bowl to serve your Microwave scrambled eggs. This recipe is quite easy to prepare.

How To Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave?

This recipe is just what you need! Start off by gathering all the ingredients listed below and prepping them for cooking

Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave


If you want to make scrambled eggs in the microwave you just have to need five simple ingredients! These simple ingredients are as follows:

  • The first ingredient is Butter. You can use both, salted or unsalted butter in this recipe, whatever you have in your kitchen. But if you have no Butter then Ghee is another tasty option that you can use for the recipe.
  • The second ingredient is Eggs. You can use large eggs in your recipes, this one included.
  • You will need Milk.  We will suggest you use Whole milk, it is the best option but you can also use half-and-half or heavy cream.
  • Salt and pepper are also needy ingredients for a recipe. You have to use kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper but you can also use fine salt, if you use it you should probably use less of it.
  • The last ingredient is Shredded cheddar. You can use the pre-shredded stuff. Extra-sharp cheddar will add great flavor to it.


How can you make scrambled eggs in the microwave? So, it’s too easy to make, and it’s hard to call it a recipe! Following are some basic steps for this recipe:

  • First of all, you have to melt the butter in a small microwave-safe bowl.
  • After that, you will add the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper to it. Whisk perfectly to combine.
  • In the next step, you will microwave this mixture for 45 seconds. Mind it, the eggs won’t be fully cooked yet at this point. Here you will gently stir them, then mix in the cheese very well.
  • In the final step, you will microwave the mixture for 45 more seconds. That’s it! Your yummy breakfast is ready to eat.


Scrambled eggs must tend to be bland so that they don’t skimp on the salt.  We suggest that a full ¼ teaspoon of coarse kosher salt is perfect for the recipe. But if you would like to use fine salt, you should use only a (generous) pinch of this salt, or the eggs might turn out too salty if you used more quantity.

How Long To Microwave Eggs?

Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave

Every microwave is different from the other. However, the process could take anywhere from 1 minute to 2.5 minutes. Just make sure to microwave must be in 30-second intervals and to perfectly beat the eggs between each interval – by doing this, the eggs will scramble properly and won’t be overcooked.

Why Use Your Microwave?

As we see microwaves have gotten a bad and dull reputation over the years as microwaves have been called lazy as well as dangerous. But, if you are looking at these recipes then you don’t believe either of those views, and neither do we.

Moreover, there is no real evidence in front of you which shows that microwaves are dangerous to health. It’s also not scientifically proven. However, studies and research have shown that the use of a microwave might be good at preserving nutrients than other cooking methods that you used. Microwave is a good choice for those people who are very busy in their life.

And it’s also a wrong statement that Microwaves are for lazy people? Never! That is such a stupid thought and thing to say.  People use a microwave for different reasons as a convenient method of cooking, such as not being able to stand at their cooker for any length of time.

Microwaves are also good for those who have less time in their kitchen because microwaves tend to cook things in a fast way or much quicker. Especially, for the recipes like this fluffy scrambled egg recipe Microwaving is a very good and safe choice. Don’t hesitate to use your microwave, you can cook your recipes quickly and safely with your Microwave!


So, to warm up we can say, our easy and quick recipe for Microwave Scrambled Eggs gives you the perfect scrambled eggs in just a few minutes. Perfectly fluffy and creamy eggs, all cooked in a cup or bowl in your microwave safely. If you want to know about perfect cooking for scrambled eggs then this recipe has all the tips for you to get a perfectly cooked scrambled egg every time in an easy way.

So, if you want to eat this, but don’t know how to make this recipe properly and quickly then just read this article and follow our recipe. We suggest that for a very quick and easy breakfast, you must try this amazing recipe and enjoy the best results after following this with yummy taste!

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