Can you boil potatoes in the microwave? [Update 2023]

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We are going to discuss Can you boil potatoes in the microwave. There are so many people who try to heat or cock different food items in their microwave. Well, the microwave is one of the most popular and commonly used appliances that help to cock or heat the foot.

So in order to save time many people do different experiments with their microwaves. In this way, there may arise a question about boiling potato “Can you microwave potatoes in the microwave” because potato is something that is mostly used in our kitchen.

So that people who are lazy or do have not enough time, go to the microwave for boiling potatoes. So is it safe to microwave potatoes or not, through this article, we will learn everything in detail.

Boiling Potatoes In The Microwave

boil potatoes in the microwave

Well, the short answer is yes. You can easily boil potatoes in your microwave. However, boiling potatoes in your microwave is a quick and easy method but keep in mind that it works if you are cooking for 1 or 2 people. 

If it comes to par-cook potatoes to be finished in the oven or fully steamed potatoes, it is safe to microwave. This method works for all kinds of spuds, baby potatoes, large potatoes, and even sweet potatoes. But the most important thing to learn is the correct procedure for boiling potatoes in the microwave.

So we will mention the perfect method of how to boiled potatoes in the microwave. Well, you must know that before boiling potatoes boiled potatoes are great if you want to cook for a few people. So if you want the tile to avoid food waste, the food cooks faster and the nutrient preserved too then you can make easily do this.

How to boil potatoes in the microwave?

boil potatoes in the microwave

As we all know that potatoes can be boiled in the microwave but the correct method is so important. So here is step by step procedure on how you can boil potatoes properly.

  1. First of all, you need to Peel your potatoes if you want to mash them.
  2. Next, you have to take a microwave-safe bowl so that you can put all of your potatoes in it. You should be so careful about the container because the bowl must be microwave safe. And you should always try to avoid any kind of plastic or metal.
  3. Now you should Wash your potatoes thoroughly with water but you should not dry them because the layer of moisture left on the potatoes will help your potatoes to cook evenly.
  4. Now you have to poke each of the potatoes with a fork on all sides because if you don’t do this, the pressure and heat can explode in the microwave. So the holes must be deep enough into the middle of the potato.
  5. Next, you have to put the potatoes in your bowl and here you have added some water to the bottom of your bowl. Because the water will help you to keep your potatoes from drying out when they cook.
  6. Next, you have to cover your bowl with plastic wrap so that the steam doesn’t escape the bowl. This trick will also help your potatoes boil properly. But you should take microwave-safe plastic wraps.
  7. Next, you have to set your power to the highest setting so you have to turn your microwave’s power level to the highest setting available. Well, you have to select your time based on the size of your potatoes. For smaller potatoes, you can set two minutes while for bigger potatoes you should set four minutes in the microwave.
  8. Now you have to keep an eye on your potatoes while boiling. Because Potatoes can explode in the microwave if the pressure builds up to high levels.  So when you hear Watch popping noises in your microwave then you need to check them first.
  9. Well, the potatoes must be hot, so you should be careful when you remove them from the microwave. You need to Put them on the countertop and peel back the plastic wrap away from you because when you open the plastic wrap away a lot of hot steam will start coming out of the bowl that can burn you.
  10. Next, you need to take a knife or fork and Poke your potato with it to check that it’s done. So insert it into potatoes, if there is no resistance when you slide the knife in and out, then you should understand that your potato is fully boiled. But if you feel a little resistance and hard to pull in or out then you should microwave them for some time again.
  11. After that, you have to remove your potatoes again and put them in for a few minutes to cool off. Because potato’s skin is sealed in the heat and they are extremely hot when you take them out of the microwave.
  12. So your potatoes are perfectly boiled.


There is no doubt, Boiling potatoes in the microwave is an easy way to cook them quickly, it does not matter whether need to mash them or use them as an ingredient in any recipe. Well, you can boil potatoes in the microwave because it is safe but you can boil a few potatoes at a time.

And the correct method should be adopted otherwise the potatoes can explode inside the microwave. So that’s all you need to know about “can you boil potatoes in the microwave”. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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