How To Remove Faucet Handle Cap? [Updated 2023]

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In this article, we will tell you how to remove faucet handle cap. The modern faucet has a variety of innovative features that improve its function and appearance. For example, the spout can be rotated to direct water in any direction, and the design allows for easy filling and cleaning.

Another feature that is often found on modern faucets is a sensor that detects how much water is being used and will turn off the water flow automatically when it is no longer needed. This helps save on your energy bill, as well as reduces the chances of wasting water.

The history of water fixtures goes back many years, with single-handle faucets evolving into the more modern designs seen today. In recent years, a tiny cap has been developed to cover set screws on certain types of fixtures.

While these advancements are helpful, they can be frustrating, especially when you’ve been looking for an absurd amount of time and still can’t find the screw. If you are experiencing difficulties finding the screw or removing the cap of the handle, we are here to help you.

Many faucets have a small metal or plastic disk that protects the inner workings of the faucet. The disk typically serves as a decorative cap or bracket. Different models of faucets may have different types of disks, but they all serve the same purpose. Removing the handle cap on a faucet is one of the first steps in any repair job, and if it’s stuck, it can make the repair much more difficult.

Remove Faucet Handle Cap

How To Remove Faucet Handle Cap?

The most popular methods for unsticking a stubborn cap are popping it off with a finger or using a tool to pry it off. Basic tools like a screwdriver or a wrench can help if you can’t remove the cap by hand.

How To Pop-Off Faucet Handle Caps?

How To Remove Faucet Handle Cap

If the handle cap pops off, you will need a flathead screwdriver or your finger to take it off.

Removing a faucet cap can be a difficult task, but with a little bit of patience and ingenuity, it can be done. Start by wedging the corner of the screwdriver’s flat edge underneath the cap. Carefully pry the cap away from the faucet. Be sure to use caution not to damage the faucet or your fingers! If you don’t have a screwdriver then simply use your finger to its nail to remove the cap.

As you remove the handle cap from the faucet, be careful not to break it. A broken faucet handle cap can be a hassle to replace. Proceed slowly and carefully, and it will be fine.

How To Twist-Off Faucet Caps?

How To Remove Faucet Handle Cap

If the faucet cap twists on then this process is a bit different. You need a wrench and a small cloth to twist off the faucet cap.

An adjustable wrench is a handy tool to have around for various repairs and adjustments. Wrap the head of the wrench in a piece of cloth. This cloth will protect the finish on the cap. Fit the wrench around the faucet handle cap and try to unscrew it by turning it counterclockwise.

How To Remove Stuck Faucet Handle Cap?

When trying to remove the faucet handle cap, it can be frustrating when it refuses to come off. Whether it’s stuck due to corrosion or something similar, you have still few options to try. Although it may seem like your situation is hopeless, there are some steps that can be helpful. Things you need to try these steps:

·      Adjustable wrench
·      Cloth
·      Flathead screwdriver
·      Oil-based lubricant
·      Vinegar 
·      Old toothbrush
·      Pair of pliers

Turn Off Water:
Before starting any project, it is important to make sure that the water is off. If something goes wrong, then you don’t want an uncontrolled shower happening.

Use Oil-Based Lubricant:
The handle cap may be stuck due to the build-up of residue and corrosion and it can refuse to loosen. In these cases, using an oil-based lubricant will help to loosen up the handle cap so that it can be unscrewed.

Use Vinegar:
Vinegar is a common household item that can be used to dissolve mineral deposits or limescale. Apply vinegar to the handle cap, once the vinegar has sat for an hour, use a brush to clean the residue. Use a clean and damp cloth for cleaning and then try to unscrew the handle cap.

Use Pliers:
If you have a twist-on handle cap, using pliers may help you get a better grip on the cap. Wrap cloth around the cap, then use pliers to turn it clockwise. If you are using pliers to remove the faucet cap, it can damage the finish of the handle cap, even if you use the cloth to protect the finish of the cap.

Remove Faucet Handle Cap


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