How To Dispose Of A Microwave? [Updated 2023]

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Are you looking to dispose of a microwave? You’re not alone. Many people have outdated appliances that they no longer use and want to get rid of. Microwaves are a common household appliance that we use to heat up food quickly and easily. However, like all appliances, there comes a time when we need to dispose of them.

Disposing of a microwave can be a bit tricky as it contains electronic components and may not be accepted by regular garbage collection services. Moreover, improper disposal of a microwave can cause harm to the environment. In this article, we will discuss the proper ways to dispose of a microwave safely and responsibly.

Easy ways to dispose of a microwave

Dispose Of A Microwave

So when you notice that your microwave oven starts to age or breaks down completely and is not be able to use then it is a better idea to replace it. However, this might be a challenging task of getting rid of it. Well, as you know that the local council is needed to offer disposal services that will allow you to get rid of a range of items, and this could be done by your local disposal center. As we all know that these places accept all kinds of household waste. So, here are a few methods to dispose of your old microwave.

‍1. E-Waste Recyclers

Basically, recycling your old microwave with an e-waste recycler is the best way. These firms’ duty is to pick up e-waste from commercial customers so it can be useful for you. But the question is if there are no e-waste recyclers in your area who pickups your waste material? So in this situation, you can call to find their nearest drop-off location to pick up your old or broken microwave.‍

2. Recycling Services

Other recycling services can be the best idea. Your regular garbage collector can also pick you’re your waste materials also because they also have e-waste drop-off locations that are not publicized. So you can Contact your trash pickup service. As usual, the local recyclers also have e-waste drop-off locations where you can easily dispose of your old microwave. There are so many communities that hold cleanup days that allow every citizen to residents to drop off their e-waste during a specific time. These might be monthly or yearly events. Here you can easily dispose of your microwave without any concern.

3. Manufacturer Take-Back Programs‍

You can also Contact the microwave’s manufacturer for more information about a take-back program. Basically, some manufacturers pick up the broken microwave and reuse some of its useable parts to manufacture new microwaves. Basically, that is a proper method of recycling. If you are planning to purchase a new microwave, then never forget to ask the retailer if they offer a “trade-in” incentive for your old microwave or not.

4. Retail Drop-Offs

Well, you must know that some big-box retailers have e-waste drop-off boxes. It would help if you were seen e-waste drop-off boxes in the front of their stores. You can also ask to storekeeper first to confirm that they will accept microwaves as their drop-off program. Because some retailers only pick up small e-waste such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc.  Even they would not take larger items like microwaves.‍ so call the store first to confirm that.

5. Reuse Appliance Repair Shops

However, you can also look for appliance repair facilities in your neighborhood or your next street or town also who will take your old microwave off of your hands. This is also good news that they can even repair your old microwave and sell it or use it for parts to improve other microwaves. So you can sell them out of your old microwave.


There is no doubt, microwave disposal is more than it seems. The first thought that might become to your mind must be to just toss it in the trash but there should be fine places to do this. However, Disposing of the useless microwave safely is important well, we have mentioned the easiest ways to dispose of your old microwave. You can select one of them. So that’s all you need to know “how to dispose of microwave”? We hope so, this article will help you a lot in this case!

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