Does Iced Coffee Make You Gain Weight? [Updated 2023]

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If you are an iced coffee lover and also conscious about your weight then you must be wondering to know that “Does iced coffee make you gain weight”? So today we are going to disuse this topic in detail. Coffee is a commonly used beverage on a high scale and there are many kinds of coffee. There is a lot of brand of coffee and there are also many ways to make coffee. 

Iced coffee is one of them and many people prefer it to drink. If we talk about iced coffee, then we must say, it has a nice and tasty way to enjoy your coffee, but some people look concerned that it may cause weight gain. So it’s true or not? Let’s talk about this in detail. So keep reading this helpful post to get the right answer about “Does iced coffee make you fat?

Does Iced Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Iced Coffee Make You Gain Weight

It is a fact that coffee has calories, cold coffee is not more likely than hot coffee to induce weight gain. Iced coffee could be less likely to trigger weight gain as compared to hot coffee because has a limited amount of sugar and cream added. So, if you are so conscious about your weight, then you may go with iced coffee just because it is light or sugar-free.  Now it is totally clear that iced coffee has no effect on your weight growth.

 Basically, coffee that has enough milk and sugar can lead to weight gain. One more important thing to keep in mind is that iced coffee is good for weight loss just because it includes a tiny amount of caffeine and no added sugar. Infect the Iced coffee includes miner calories and less caffeine as compared to many other popular beverages. So in this way, iced coffee is an excellent choice for dieters.

And the second thing to be noticed is that if you mixed milk and sugar then iced coffee is also more likely to cause weight gain. People who use whole milk to make iced coffee can gain weight just because of much amount of milk. So you need to be careful about adding milk if you have any concerns about weight.

However, if you choose your ingredients wisely to make your cup of coffee, then you can enjoy an amazing cold drink without gaining weight. You can also use a sugar substitute in this regard. That’s a piece of good news for you if you are an iced coffee lover Using sugar alternatives, you will be able to enjoy the flavor of iced coffee without gaining weight. Because the sugar substitute will reduce the unnecessary calories while keeping making the beverage’s flavor.

Iced Coffee Make You Gain Weight

So, we can say that there is no any kind of evidence that iced coffee causes weight gain. There are a lot of people across the world who drink iced coffee but they would not gain weight by drinking iced coffee. But we should keep in mind that drinking a lot of iced coffee in a whole day could lead to dehydration.

So you just need to be careful about the amount of iced coffee. Infect, By taking care in making your cup of iced coffee, and by controlling the ingredients that you are going to add to your coffee, it will help you to lose weight also.


In the end, we must say your Coffee alone does not induce weight gain; it can help you to weight loss by increasing your metabolism. But that’s true, coffee will impair your sleep, which may lead to weight gain. This is also a fact that there are many coffee beverages that have enough amounts of calories and also sugar. So, if you are a dieter then you need to reduce the source of weight gain which is added sugar and high calories. And you must also need to avoid drinking coffee.

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