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Many people are concerned about microwave Rubbermaid “is Rubbermaid microwave safe”? As we all know, Rubbermaid is a household brand name that offers high-quality food storage containers made of plastic. 

Basically, Rubbermaid is commonly used to store and microwave food. The manufacturer claims that these lightweight food-safe containers are microwave safe, but the question may arise in minds, are they really?

Can you microwave Rubbermaid containers? So in this article, we will mention everything in detail so that you can understand that is it safe to use in a microwave or not. The information provided in this post will help you understand it clearly and you will also learn the best way to safely microwave Rubbermaid.

Is Rubbermaid safe for microwaving?

So the answer is yes, it is safe to microwave Rubbermaid. But keep in mind that you should microwave the containers correctly to be safe for food. Basically, all types of plastics are not the same as usual, but that plastic includes BPA-free plastic and is safe to use in a microwave.

Well, Since 2009 Rubbermaid is a manufacturing company that is known to make a wide range of microwave-safe containers with BPA-free materials, but these can be microwaved following the instruction recommended by the manufacturer.

Well, we have already mentioned that Rubbermaid containers are safe for microwave use, but they should not be heated at high temperatures or above 212 degrees F, the boiling temperature of the water. This is because, at higher temperatures, plastic containers might not be safe for your food.

When you see the microwave-safe label on the plastic container that means it is a guarantee of your food safety if you heated it in the microwave according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

But if you don’t follow the instructions and microwave Rubbermaid at higher temperatures then they can melt, break, crack, or deform also. It will also release plasticizers that can increase the risk of severe diseases like cancer.

So microwaving at a high temperature can be risky to always avoid the high temperature. So, you can put a plastic container in the microwave if it is BPA-free microwave-safe plastic. If the plastic container is not microwave safe, then it will hazardous to your health.

Rubbermaid microwave safe symbol

Rubbermaid Microwave Safe

Well, if you want to know how to check that Rubbermaid microwave is safe.  Then you can see a logo of waves inside the container, the microwave-safe logo is printed on the label of the plastic container.

You can also see the underside of this container to check the logo of microwave-safe or symbol of microwave about the safety of food when heating it in the microwave. You can also see the words ‘microwave-safe’ on the bottom of a Rubbermaid container means the Rubbermaid containers are microwave-safe.

And you can also check its label or the bottom of the receptacle. In some cases, you squiggly lines on some plastic containers that indicate that it is also safe in the microwave. These microwave-safe symbols are also used variably on different Rubbermaid plastic container products.

They offer the approval that the Rubbermaid container is safe to be used in the microwave oven but only for reheating the food.

Things to know before microwaving Rubbermaid containers

Well, it is not safe to put a Rubbermaid container into the microwave in a high-temperature setting. You must have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the safe use of Rubbermaid containers in the microwave. So these are important things, you just need to know before microwaving Rubbermaid containers. so, here are a few things to consider:

  • If you use it correctly then Rubbermaid containers are safe.
  • Must check the label or the bottom of the plastic container to see a microwave-safe symbol. The microwave-safe symbol verifies that you can use plastic containers for microwaving foods.
  • Don’t heat the Rubbermaid containers at high temperatures otherwise, they will melt easily.
  • The best temperature level to reheat food is up to the boiling point of water, 100°C or 212°F.
  • Basically, if you cover a Rubbermaid container with its microwavable lid while microwaving, then you have to leave it slightly lifted to provide ventilation. Otherwise, the high pressure will start to built-up inside the container will pop off the lid, and potentially splatter all your food inside the microwave.

Guideline of the manufacturing company of Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Microwave Safe

Well, all Rubbermaid containers are BPA-free, but the manufacturer has provided some important and general guidelines on the packaging. So before microwaving them, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Always use the Rubbermaid containers for defrosting and reheating only
  • The vented container should be placed in the microwave
  • Always Use medium to low heat while using these containers
  • Must be Intervals of 1-minute or less
  • You should never overheat these Rubbermaid containers.
  • You should never heat food high in oil, fat, sugar, or tomato sauce.
  • Never try to overfill the container while microwaving.
  • You should also never put empty containers


Well, Rubbermaid containers are reusable, and the old Rubbermaid container made contain BPA if they are older than 2009. So, if your past experiences microwaving Rubbermaid containers are good, you can continue following the exact same path.

So, all Rubbermaid containers are BPA-free and “microwave safe,” but it is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label if you want to avoid the risk of unhealthy food to eat.

One more important fact is that covered food heats up more effectively and can easily trap moisture to prevent your food from drying out. So,  A microwave food cover speeds up cooking, defrosting, and reheating by this steam and evenly distributing heat throughout the food that will help to heat the food properly.

So that’s all you need to know about “is Rubbermaid microwave safe”? We have mentioned everything in detail, now you can easily understand how to microwave the Rubbermaid correctly. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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