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Are you looking for the answer to the question: Is Pyrex Microwave Safe? No doubt Pyrex is quick and simple. It’s amazingly stain-resistant, totally plastic-free, and perfectly durable. But still, people asked, “Is Pyrex microwave safe”? To buy Pyrex, you should be sure that the Pyrex containers are safely frozen, microwaved, and oven-safe. Because the brand Pyrex manufacturer claims that.

Although it is a fact that it is microwave safe in most situations, there are a few things to be learned. Because there are some users that complain about different issues such as cracks, explosions, or others. We will mention the advantages and disadvantages of using Pyrex during microwaving. So let’s get started for further detail!

What is Pyrex?

Pyrex is an amazing brand that uses borosilicate glass to make hardy and handy products, like tubs for food storage, bowls, storage boxes, and liquid measuring cups for many years. Well, Pyrex is the most popular American brand of manufactured glass known since 1915.

The glass containers have a special combination of boric oxide and silica. However, there are always risks. Yes, that is true, Glass can be prone to cracking or exploding when exposed to such drastic temperature changes.

So, when Pyrex cracks, so you have to toss it immediately on the instructions of manufacturers because there must be a risk of explosion. And if we talk about the Pyrex cookware, then it is a combination of stabilizers, formers, and flux materials that makes the glass tough and helps it from breaking easily. But you should keep in mind that the melting point of Pyrex is 820° C.

Is Pyrex microwave safe?

Yes, there is no doubt, Glass is microwave-safe, and Pyrex glass is also microwaveable material due to being plastic-free, stain-resistant, and non-porous. They are amazing due to their thickness as compared to normal glassware.

As we can say that Pyrex cookware is safe for a microwave oven. Well, Pyrex is microwavable, but still, there are some conditions to keep in your mind while using it. But Pyrex cookware comes with its own set of dos and don’ts, that’s why everyone should be careful about that.

Pyrex microwave safe

If you do not follow the instructions then you may get the result of shattering, cracking, and exploding Pyrex in your microwave. Let us find out the dos and don’ts of Pyrex while using it in the microwave:

Do While Using Pyrex in the Microwave?

First of all, it is very important to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to safely use Pyrex in your microwave. So here is what to keep in mind while using:

  • You should always read the microwave-safe label on your Pyrex containers before putting them in the microwave. In this case, you need to find out the ‘microwave-safe’ mark at the bottom, or you can also check it on the packing box of your cookware.
  • Never forget to Keep a towel handy while using Pyrex to heat or cook food in the microwave.
  • Whenever you remove the container from the fridge, always put it out on the countertop for some time before placing it inside the microwave. So, never try to put the containers directly from your fridge into the microwave.
  • You can also fill a bowl with lukewarm water and then put the frozen Pyrex till it thaws out.
  • Always try to give a slow temperature to Pyrex. That’s why the temperatures must be low at the start. So that it can get enough time to acclimatize slightly. By using this technique, you can use Pyrex for a long duration at low temperatures inside the microwave. That’s really amazing.
  • When you put out the hot food dish from the microwave then must sit it for some time to cool down to room temperature before putting it into your fridge.

Don’t While Using Pyrex in the Microwave?

Here are some things that you should not do while using Pyrex in your microwave:

  • You have to resist the urge to put your cold or frozen bowl from the fridge into your microwave. Let the food thaw out before cooking or reheating it in your microwave.
  • Never use cracked Pyrex in the microwave because it can be the reason to explode.
  • Don’t thump it down too hard into the microwave because hard handling can break the Pyrex container.
  • You should always never put dry meals on Pyrex cookware in the microwave. If you need to put dry food to heat then it is better to add a little water to the Pyrex container because the water addition can help to prevent cracking.
  • Do not heat your Pyrex plates at high temperatures for a long time inside your microwaves. The temperature range should not be up to 400-425° F while cooking food in your microwave.
  • Never try to heat oil or make popcorn in a Pyrex bowl. Because if you do this the uneven heat transfer will crack the bowl.
  • You should also not use a cold Pyrex container for pouring out hot tea because this hot temperature can break the glassware.

Now, we are going to explain some advantages and disadvantages of using Pyrex cookware in your microwave:

Advantages of Using Pyrex in the Microwave

  • This is an amazing fact that glass will never react to your meal because is non-toxic and absolutely safe.
  • Easily washable
  • You can get a non-stick experience.
  • The thermal shock resistance is amazing. It can easily withstand up to 220° C of thermal shock, making it resistant to high temperatures.
  • The non-toxic lid helps to heat resistance while heating.

Disadvantages of Using Pyrex in the Microwave

  • It can easily break due to scratches on its surface.
  • Hard handling like thumping can harm its surface.
  • You cannot put Pyrex directly from a hot to a cold environment. Otherwise, it will break up your Pyrex container.
  • You cannot use Pyrex on an electric cooktop also.
  • Pyrex surface become immediately hot.
  • Pyrex containers cannot be allowed to heat up without water. 
Pyrex microwave safe


Well, in the end, we can say that Pyrex cookware is microwave safe. But you should still search for the ‘microwave-friendly’ label on the body of the cookware. And you can also avoid the drastic temperature shifts described above. You should always follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions regarding Pyrex glass products.

And one more important this is that you always need to handle Pyrex correctly. So that’s all you need to know about “is Pyrex microwave safe”. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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