How Long To Cook Undercooked Chicken In A Microwave? [Updated 2023]

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There is a little bit of confusion over whether or not it is ok to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave.  Or is it safe to microwave undercooked chicken? As we all know that the Undercooked chicken looks so jiggle that still needs to be cooked better. So can we cook it in the microwave?

Absolutely Yes, Undercooked chicken can be microwaved easily with a microwave you can easily finish up the cooking of the undercooked chicken. So, this thing is clear that you can cook undercooked chicken if your microwave oven but how long does to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave?

So there is a big debate on this topic because many people thought that you need to cook the raw chicken for a few minutes, while some people say that you need to cook the chicken for about 20 minutes. Some people say that you should cook the chicken for just a few seconds, while some people say that you have to leave your chicken in the microwave for an hour. 

So, we are just going to tell you in detail about how long to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave, and how to do it correctly. So, let’s get started and find out if it is safe and healthy to microwave undercooked chicken in the microwave or not!

How long to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave?

Cook Undercooked Chicken In A Microwave

How long does the chicken take to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave?  First of all, it depends on the size of the chicken that you are going to cook.  If the chicken is very small, then it takes less time as compared to the large chicken. Because small chicken has a higher surface area to volume ratio why it will cook faster.  In this helpful post, you will learn about how long to cook undercooked chicken in a microwave exactly. 

Steps To Microwave Undercooked Chicken

When you are going to put the undercooked chicken in your microwaving then you must be careful that it cooks in certain parts of the chicken while other parts may remain undercooked. So you must see how you place the chicken in the microwave correctly.

1. Prepare the chicken

First of all, you have to place chicken in a container or also in a microwaveable dish to get started the cooking process.

2. put the chicken in the microwave

The next thing you have to do is to put this chicken in a microwave-safe dish. You must need to put the largest places on the outside of the dish to check that it is fully cooked. And you can also add half a cup of water to the inside of the microwave.

3. cover the dish

The next thing to do is to cover the dish lightly with a lid to allow for breathing and also to avoid an explosion if the pressure builds up in the pot of the chicken as it cooks.

4. cook the chicken

Next, you have to Cook the chicken in the microwave on medium heat for 5-8 minutes per pound. Set the timer correctly at low to medium. And you must be careful and see the chicken cooks very well.

5. Turn the chicken

Once your chicken has cooked very well from one side, now it’s time to turn the chicken to the other side of the dish. When you flip the chicken, then you should very carefully remove the dish from the microwave and must use a spoon to turn the uncooked side of the chicken to the bottom of the dish.

6. be safety-cautious

You must be careful and should prevent your fingertips from being burned by a hot dish. Never touch the hot dish with bare hands, you must wear a cover or have a piece of cloth to touch the hot dish. So you have to take the dish off the stove and set it on the counter using a cover or kitchen towel. Now you have to put the chicken back in the microwave for another 6-8 minutes. So that it can be cooked properly.

7. Check the internal temperature

Next, you must have to check the internal temperature with a food thermometer because it is essential to check that your microwaved chicken has reached a safe and proper minimum internal temperature by using a food thermometer.

In this way, you can easily cook your uncooked chicken properly in your microwave within a short time.

Is It Safe To Microwave Undercooked Chicken?

Cook Undercooked Chicken In A Microwave

Chicken is one of the most popular and healthier food. Chicken has less saturated fat which makes chicken an easy everyday protein source for people. And if we talk about Undercooked chicken, so it is more like a raw chicken that needs to be cooked properly, so cooking it microwaving is not a bad idea because in this way you save your time and energy.

So, you can easily take your undercooked chicken and put it into the microwave to finish up its cooking because if you don’t do this any bacteria present would not have been destroyed. But the question is, is it safe to cook it in the microwave? So, we must say, it is safe to cook undercook chicken in a microwave.


In the end, this amazing article is to help you cook your chicken perfectly, you just need to use the right cooking method. And don’t think much about that is it safe or not because microwaving undercooked chicken is absolutely safe.  It is also an easy way to cook your undercooked chicken prepared in a short time. Now you have a better idea of how long to cook the undercooked chicken after reading this post. For the best result, you need to follow the instructions on the packaging and then place the chicken properly as needed.

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