What Is The Difference Between Microwave Oven And Conventional Oven? [Updated 2023]

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Are you one of those, who want to know “what is the difference between microwave oven and conventional oven”? We are here to help you in this case. As we all know that in the modern world of technology, everything becomes more featured and effective.

There are so many appliances in our home. And when we talk about the kitchen, there we also find a lot of appliances whether it is a microwave, fridge, juicer, sandwich maker, or toaster, etc. and ovens are the essential appliances in our kitchen, whether it is conventional ovens or microwave ovens.

But this is also true that there are a lot of people, who always seem to be confused when they go to the market to buy an oven, they can’t decide which is better to use a microwave oven and a conventional oven. They cannot understand which oven they should buy.

So in this helpful article, we are going to explain which is better to choose, you will easily find out your answer and which one is used for a specific purpose through this post. So let’s dive straight into deep detail and look at the difference between a microwave oven and a conventional oven.

What Is The Difference Between Microwave Oven And Conventional Oven?

If you’re in the market for a new oven, you might be wondering which one is better: a microwave oven or a conventional oven. Here’s a brief overview of each type to help you decide.

Microwave Oven

Difference Between Microwave Oven And Conventional Oven

Basically, a microwave oven is an important kitchen appliance that can be found in almost every kitchen. It is designed to warm and cooks food by electromagnetic radiation that is found in the microwave range. These radio waves and infrared radiation are on the electromagnetic spectrum and their frequency range is about 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. That helps to heat the food properly. We just put our meal inside it and set the required temperature to heat the meal.

Basically, it affects polar particles in your food to turn and make warm vitality in a method known as dielectric warming. A microwave oven has the ability to heat food rapidly and also proficiently. Food is equally warmed through all sides.  Cooking food in the microwave is considered so easy and it is also healthy because it will not break down vital nutrients, especially vitamin C which often breaks down in other ways of cooking.

Conventional Oven

Difference Between Microwave Oven And Conventional Oven

 A conventional oven is also a kitchen apparatus that is designed for simmering and warming. Well, a conventional oven is a traditional gas, stove, and electric oven that can be found in almost every kitchen. This oven is huge as compared to a microwave oven and some ovens are attached to a stove.

Conventional ovens are basically used for cooking, roasting, and heating. You can be cooked meat, meals, and baked food, like, cake, bread, and different treats. The modern model is utilized to heat and cook food in numerous families because it has a large space and metallic components at the top and base. That will help to warm up the component and encased area and cook food.  Moreover, here are some broilers that have fans to disseminate the heat.

Microwave Oven VS Conventional Oven

There are a lot of differences between a microwave oven and a conventional oven, these differences are based on the working purpose, and qualities of both ovens. Here are some differences between them.

1. Working

The microwave oven is designed to cook your food by utilizing radio waves to heat some kinds of molecules present in this food, like fats, water, and bone. Basically, a microwave oven usually cooks food from the inside properly while a conventional oven is designed for baking purposes. It dries the surface of food and make caramelizes the surface sugars, making toasting or browning.

2. Operate

A microwave oven is powered electrically while a conventional oven can be powered by gas electrically powered.

3. Heat type

A microwave oven has electromagnetic waves to heat the food, while a conventional oven operates with thermal heat.

4. Purpose

A microwave is not able to bake food but it is useful for reheating, roasting, and cooking while Conventional Ovens can cook and bake food like pastry, pizza, bread, etc.

5. Electricity consumption

Microwave ovens are more efficient in electricity consumption that is evaluated less around 500-1000 watts whereas conventional oven uses around 1000 and 2000 watts to complete operation.

6. Prices

Microwave ovens are not so expensive while conventional ovens are costly.

7. Timings

The microwave oven has the minimum measure of time to heat your meal while the Cooking time in a conventional oven is more than 30 minutes.

8. Uses

A microwave oven can reheat the leftover food, boiling, steaming, and defrosting while a conventional oven can be used for baking bread, pizza, cake, biscuits, etc.

9. Limitations

A microwave oven has limitations such as it cannot food all types of food and you cannot put all types of materials in a microwave, like metal, silver, and steel.

Whereas a conventional oven the limitations like that being time-consuming it takes much longer to cook or reheat food. It is not faster. And this oven has no fan, then why the food might be unevenly cooked.


A microwave oven has no need to preheat before cooking any food, but a conventional oven needs to be preheated before cooking and baking food. Now it is up to up where to go. You need to choose an oven according to your requirements. We have mentioned almost all the differences between a microwave oven and a conventional oven.  That’s all you learn about this topic “what are the differences between a microwave oven and a conventional oven”. We hope so this article will help you a lot.

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