What Is A Microwave Drawer? [Updated 2023]

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Microwave is one of the popular appliances that most people have in their kitchen. And if we talk about what is a microwave drawer? It is exactly the same thing as its name says it.   Actually, this type of microwave gets installed in the drawer or cabinet space. A microwave driver is a so popular and a modern choice of people nowadays in order to buy many functions to their kitchen.

They come in many varieties of makes, models, styles, and finishes to choose from. A microwave drawer has the ability to tuck the microwave under the counter in the kitchen design. If you want to know almost everything about a drawer microwave, then you need to keep reading this helpful article on “What is a microwave drawer”? So let’s get started for further detail!

Microwave drawer

This is a modern under-counter microwave that updated the kitchen with panel-ready appliances that blend seamlessly with the drawer. If you want to give the island look to your microwave, a microwave drawer is a great idea to install in your kitchen. It can easily fit under the counter in a lower cabinet, most often under the countertop. You can pull it like a drawer and when you close it, the drawer microwave easily fits flush with the rest of your cabinet this is an amazing thing to appreciate

Where to Install Under Counter Microwave?

Microwave Drawer

It is very important to know where to install under counter microwave. By their design, they can’t sit on the countertop and also can’t be installed above the range. Microwave drawers becomes so popular in kitchen islands, but you can also install them under any countertop or in any wall cabinet. You can easily install a wall oven anywhere.  The microwave drawers can be installed flush with the cabinet face so easily for a more seamless. Now select the place for installation of the microwave drawer depending on your personal preference.

How does it Work?

Microwave drawers are extremely easy to use. Simply you just open it with the touch of a button. After touching it the drawer will slide out. Place Lower the food inside the tray, then you need to choose your desired settings on the control panel. Finally, you have to close the drawer with another touch of the button.

Microwaves in Island Sizes

If we talk about microwave island size, then we can say that they come in two sizes for the exterior of the drawer, but the interior size of the microwave drawer is the same. The Outside width is about 24″ or 30″ while the Interior measurements are about 1.2 cu. Ft.

Microwave in Island Pros and Cons

If you are planning to purchase it then you must have knowledge about its pros and cons. So that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Here’s a list of some of the pros and cons:

Microwave Drawer

Pros of Microwave Drawers:

  • The microwave drawer leaves your countertops clear for the workspace.
  • Custom oven hoods are so popular right now, but you can’t have one with a microwave over your oven. In this way, your microwave drawer allows you to install an oven hood. That is so an amazing fact.
  • A left-handed person with a lower microwave can easily lower dishes in and lift them out.
  • The drawer microwaves are much easier to reach, in this way they have easy-to-clean flat surfaces.
  • Most models have an amazing design that gives a modern look to your kitchen
  • Some people are so worried about having a microwave that is low enough, that is accessible to children. That catch is so dangerous. While Under counter microwaves have a feature to lock the control panel.
  • If you have a microwave drawer then you don’t need to compromise on space. This can easily fit a 4-qt casserole dish.
  • You can easily add seasoning without removing the food. You just need to open the drawer, stir the food, and close it again, simple!

Cons of Microwave Drawers

  • Convection cooking happens through circulating hot air throughout the microwave drawer.
  • They work properly, but they well for frozen food.
  • They have limited sizes about only 24″ and 30″ widths.
  • The Installation process is not easy. Installing it on your island is difficult. Sometimes you need to get help from a professional electrician to do this job correctly.
  • The microwave cost is about $100 – $500. But in spite of it, you have to spend more money to get the premium design and features. An under-counter microwave drawer cost about $1,000 and it can cost up to $1,800.that means it is so expensive and everybody can’t afford it.


So, that is all the basic information about “what is a microwave drawer”? We are sure now you know what is the microwave drawer, how it works, its benefits, and most importantly it is suitable for you or not. We hope so this helpful guide will help you a lot about this modern appliance that is called a microwave drawer.

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