Why Coffee Machine Tripping Breaker? [Updated 2023]

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Is your coffee maker tripping breakers? And you really want to know the coffee machine tripping breaker. As we all know that a breaker is an important part of your home’s safety system. It protects you, your family members, and your house from fire.

Having your coffee maker constantly tripping the breaker is not only a small wracking, but it may also be dangerous. There are many reasons why your coffee maker might be tripping the breaker, and some of them are the appliance’s fault and sometimes an issue with the wiring.

So we are going to discuss all the basic things in this detailed guide then you will know why the coffee machine is tripping the breaker and how you can fix the issue of the coffee machine tripping breaker. You have no need to worry about that, every case would be resolved in a few minutes.

There are some basic reasons why Coffee Machines Tripping Breakers, some of them are:

Coffee Machine Tripping Breaker

• faulty outlet
• bad power cord
• Plug defects
• short circuit
• Overheating
• Overloading

1. Faulty Outlet

One of the basic reasons is that the Wall Outlet, you use might be Faulty. Your coffee maker cannot be the problem. With the spending time, the home wiring is not done correctly or shows signs of wear and tear over time. The problem is that when this degradation occurs in key elements of your living space.

If your coffee machine keeps tripping breakers, the appliance itself might not be at fault. So, you should try a different outlet. If your problems start when you plug in your coffee maker, the outlet you use might be faulty. The best way to confirm whether the outlet is faulty is to carefully unplug the coffee maker and connect it to another wall outlet.

2. Bad Power Cord

If the previous solution did not work, the next thing you have to do is to test your power cord. The cord tangled and pressed against your wall to destroy it. If your coffee maker works well but the slight movement of the cord causes it to break loose and start tripping the breaker, so, the reason is a bad power cord. So you have the Replace the cord. It’s not a big issue, the power cord can be easily damaged by being pressed against the wall for a long time.

3. Plug Defects

Another reason might be plug defects. The loose connection can also affect the performance of the plug of the device and can cause the coffee machine to trip the breaker. It is very common. A loose connection can also be the reason for overheating, as well as short circuits. You have to treat it on time.

4. Leakage

Leakage is also the reason for the coffee machine tripping breaker. Leakage is very dangerous. Your leaky coffee maker can be attributed to a lot of reasons, even, sediment obstruction and improper placement of the water are the most common reasons behind it.

Your coffee machine tripping breaker is being caused by leakage, you can easily resolve this issue. You have to maintain your appliance. If there is a loose hose, then you have to unplug your appliance, unscrew the top lid, expose the guts, and check that it’s properly secured or not.

5. Overheating

Coffee Machine Tripping Breaker

Another possible reason is overheating. The coffee machine tripping breaker due to overheating by prolonged use and also weak ventilation. The thermal fuse can detect the coffee machine’s inner temperature. When guts have damaged, it can result in overheating and tripped circuit breakers. When your coffee maker’s guts are damaged then you should see your thermal fuse. In this case, it needs replacement.

6. Overloading

Another plausible reason for the coffee machine tripping breaker is overloading. If you leave your coffee maker on for a long time, or you plugged in a coffee machine for mush period, their chances are overheated and overloaded. You should try to avoid it. So, always try to reduce the load on your coffee machine and don’t use it for a long period at one stretch.


As it is a fact that, home Appliances are supposed to make our lives easier, we have to maintain these appliances. If you want that you have not to face any issues then make sure to give your appliance the proper maintenance and cleaning, which are so essential to extending its life span and doing it, is never complicated. We have covered all the basic reasons, you just need to find out the basic reason for the coffee machine tripping breaker and try to fix this issue.

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