Can You Microwave Napkins? [Updated 2023]

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Sometimes, you need to heat something in your microwave but you are out of paper towels. Then you just need to take a napkin from your kitchen drawer and put it on the food that you want to microwave. But there are so many people who look confused about microwaving napkins.

So the question is that “can you microwave Napkins”? There are many people who say, yes it is safe to place the napkin in the microwave, on the other hand, many say you can’t do this because it can be caught fire. Well, that’s true, not all to-go containers are microwave-safe, but what about napkins?

So don’t worry, through this post you will find the exact answer to your question. So just keep reading this article to learn about microwaving napkins.

Can You Microwave Napkins?

Well, that’s true you can microwave napkins. Even both disposable and cloth napkins are perfectly safe to put in the microwave. Basically, disposable napkins might be put on top of shallow dishes to prevent food from sputtering but the important fact to be discussed is that when you microwave it for too long, napkins can burn. So, you should always use low heat and not let your napkins touch the meal.

Can You Microwave Cloth Napkins?

Microwave Napkins

Basically, Cloth napkins are also microwave-safe. And you will be wondering to know that cloth napkins are highly recommended to use when reheating your food because cloth napkins help to prevent the food from receiving direct heat.

Well, cloth napkins can make contact with the meal because the cloth napkin will not melt and it will not also stick to your food.  In this way, you can easily use cloth napkins to cover foods when microwaved.

Can You Microwave Brown Napkins?

If we talk about microwaving brown napkins then we must say Brown napkins are perfectly safe to use in the microwave. However, you need to check that the brown napkins do not touch the food because When your meal gets hot while microwaving then the brown napkin can melt and stick to the food.

So you should never let to touch brown napkins with your food and also never try to expose brown napkins to high heat for too long. Because long time heating can dry the moisture of brown napkins and after that, the brown napkin can catch fire.

Can You Microwave Paper Napkins?

Well, you can also microwave paper napkins because paper napkins have a small amount of moisture. But you should keep in mind that overheating can dry out paper napkins. When the paper napkin is dry then it can be caught fire.

Due to overheating, the edges of the paper napkins will begin to curl due to dryness and after some seconds it can catch fire. So it can be a danger to leave the paper napkins in the microwave for too long because the paper napkin will not only start a fire but also can damage your microwave and your food.

Does A Napkin Burn In The Microwave?

Basically, napkins are microwave safe. But there is something to notice when left in the microwave for a long time, especially at high temperatures, then napkins can easily catch fire and it can burn. Whether it is cloth, disposable or brown napkin. So you must be careful about time duration.

You just have to heat napkins for short periods. Well, if you need to use a napkin in the microwave for several minutes, then it is better to dampen the napkin first so that the microwaves have more moisture to absorb. In this way, you can decrease the risk of starting a fire.

How to Use Napkins in the Microwave?

Microwave Napkins

Basically, it is very easy to use napkins to cover your food in the microwave. This method is absolutely safe if your food is in a bowl so that the napkin stays off your food. Here is an easy way, how to properly use disposable napkins in the microwave when heating leftovers:

  • First of all, you have to get the leftovers out of the refrigerator and place them plate but the container should be microwave-safe.
  • Next, you have to Place a few open napkins over the plate.
  • Now, put the plate of leftovers covered with napkins in the microwave.
  • Now, you have to Microwave the food for as long as it takes to become thoroughly heated. But make sure, to stir the leftovers after a few times to evenly heat.
  • Now, you can remove the plate of food from the microwave. You have to be careful to remove the plate because it might be extremely hot!
  • Next, you have to Remove the napkins from the top of the plate and discard them.
  • Now, you can enjoy your hot food!

Alternatives to Using Napkins in the Microwave

If you don’t still want to use napkins in the microwave, so here are a few alternatives that you can use.

1. Glass lids

Glass lids are the best materials for microwave lids is glass is made of a nonporous surface. Glass lids won’t absorb any liquids or smell from the food. It can also handle high temperatures. So there is no risk of the glass breaking also.

2. Paper Plates

Paper plates can also be used in the microwave. But remember that not all paper plates are microwave-safe. The plastic coating plates can release harmful toxins when heated up. So you have to check first if it is labeled as microwave-safe.

3. Paper Towels

Paper towels can be the best alternative and are easily used in place of napkins. But the paper towels you’re using should be microwave-safe.

4. Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates are also good for microwaving. Well, Ceramic plates are a better option because they are durable and can withstand the heat of the microwave.

5. Wax Paper

 Wax paper is a much safer alternative to use in the microwave. Because wax paper is made of paraffin wax and paper. That’s why, you can microwave it without any risk of chemical contamination.

6. Parchment Paper

Last but not least, Parchment paper might also be used in the microwave to prevent foods from sticking to the dish. But you have to microwave a safe label first before using it. Basically, the silicone coating on parchment paper allows it to hold heated steam next to the food which makes it the better choice.


So, can you microwave napkins? The answer is yes, you can easily microwave napkins but it’s important to check the label first on napkins to make sure they are safe to use in the microwave or not. Well, napkins can be an indispensable tool in microwaving food but Apart from keeping your microwave clean, napkins can also help better heating for your food.

If you use a napkin then you have to use it correctly. Always avoided to put napkins at high temperatures and for a long time.  If you’re still not sure, there are many alternatives that can be used in place of napkins, such as glass lids, paper plates, paper towels, ceramic plates, wax paper, or parchment paper. Well, we have explained everything in detail. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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