7 Reasons Your Refrigerator Keep Tripping The Breaker [Updated 2023]

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Have you ever heard of a refrigerator keep tripping the breaker? It’s a common problem for homeowners, and it can be difficult to diagnose. In this essay, we’ll discuss the cause of refrigerator keep tripping the breaker and what you can do to fix the problem.

A refrigerator is an amazing modern household appliance. Even, we are not able to protect our food products to perish and rot without a refrigerator. As we all know that refrigerator consumes so much electricity.

But sometimes the refrigerator loses power from a tripped breaker. Then the refrigerator keep tripping the breaker when plugged in. So the question is why does your refrigerator keep tripping the breaker?

 If you do not about it, so we will tell you some of the reasons why your refrigerator keeps tripping breakers. And how can you fix this issue at home?  Keep Reading for more detail and try to find out the reason why your cooling appliance might be constantly tripping your circuit breakers and how to fix it.

Here are some primary reasons why your fridge breaker might be constantly tripping.

1. Overloaded Circuit

When the appliance starts to draw significant electrical load through a lower-rated line the issue of an overloaded circuit occurs. So the overloaded circuit makes the reason of refrigerator keep tripping the breaker.

The circuit line requires electrical load demand electricity- the appliance places undue stress on the circuit line, and it might be the reason for constant breaker tripping. So if your fridge keeps tripping, then you must check your refrigerator itself. Try to find out the reason for the constant tripping by disconnecting all other appliances within the circuit line one by one carefully. 

Refrigerator Keep Tripping The Breaker

If the line still tripping despite other appliances being unplugged, then you have to conduct a further in-depth investigation. The solution to this issue is to have an electrician run a dedicated circuit for the refrigerator. It makes things easier down the road when trying to fix other circuit breaker issues.

2. Short Circuit

If we talk about a short circuit, it occurs when a much hot cable comes into contact with a “neutral” cable, which creates an electric surge. After that, the Heat produced melts the insulation of these cables and increases the issue, which could eventually lead to a fire. That could be harmful.

Refrigerator Keep Tripping The Breaker

If we talk about the fridges, that you plugged in the refrigerator directly before the breaker tripped, then you have to disconnect it and plug in a different electrical appliance. If that second appliance works properly without any issues, that means the reason for the short circuit might be from the fridge itself.

3.  Ground Fault Surging

There is much similarity between a ground fault surging and a short circuit, the only difference is how the electrical issue is created.  This issue happens when a “hot” cable contacts the ground wire of a circuit, it makes a tremendous electric surge. Then you should Check all the electric switches to determine whether that ground fault is your line’s problem or not.

Any burnt markings or burnt smells near “hot” wire and neutral wires are a sign of ground fault surging. If you notice these signs of a failing breaker box or ground fault surging, then you have to call the electrician. The breaker box is for the home’s safety and should be repaired quickly rather than it being too late.

4. Faulty Compressor

The compressor of your refrigerator receives low-pressure gas from the evaporator, and the compressor of your fridge also converts it directly to high-pressure gas through mechanical compression.  If the issue is an earthling with the compressor, then your fridge starts to trip the circuit breaker. 

When you feel this issue then you should check the circuit lines to see that is there any earthling problem with the compressor or not. Simply, you just have to unplug the power hookups of the compressor to check out the circuit line.

Now your refrigerator does not trip after plugging it in, then the tripping issue happens due to a faulty compressor. Very luckily, it’s very easy to change the compressor relay. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Unplug the fridge
  • Next, unscrew the rear access panel
  • Remove the wire retainer
  • Now detach the compressor relay
  • Now remove the run capacitor
  • Next, connect the new start relay in order to the run capacitor
  • Now plug the compressor relay back
  • Secure the compressor relay
  • Reconnect this access panel
  • Finally, Plug your fridge back in.

5. Defrost Heater

The defrost heater of every refrigerator protects against the accumulation of much amount of ice inside the fridge. But earth leakage is one of the common issues for refrigerator defrosters. So, in order to check this type of issue, you should disconnect the defroster from the main electrical components of the refrigerator.

After to disconnected the defroster, if this tripping stops, then we can say that the faulty defroster could be responsible for why the fridge keeps tripping the circuit breaker. You can also check the defroster by resetting its timer, forcing the defrosting cycle to begin.

6. Broken Fridge Fan

The duty of the fridge fan is to spread the produced cold air throughout the whole parts of the refrigerator. So, in this way, it is an important mechanism. But some common problematic internal components can occur due to their constant movement. In this way, you can clean these fans or replace them if you feel that this is the reason why your fridge constantly trips the circuit breaker.

Refrigerator Keep Tripping The Breaker

7. Broken Thermostat

There are fewer chances for the thermostat to break, but it plays an important role in the mechanism when it comes to tripping breakers. The thermostat is responsible for dictating the fridge’s power that is gathered from the circuit line. 

If the thermostat is faulty, then it can be the reason for overloading the circuit and might be causing a tripped breaker. Then you have to determine if it is the faulty thermostat causing the issue by checking it to conduct a temperature test within the unit.


Now you have a better idea after reading this helpful post “Why does your refrigerator keep tripping the breaker?”  Circuit breaker tripping is one of the most annoying issues, and could make dangerous electrical issues within your home.

In order To protect your home and family, it is important to resolve the issue. If your refrigerator loses power and starts breaker tripping, then you must find out the real reason whether it is overloaded circuits, short circuits, or ground fault surges. After reading this article, you can easily pinpoint and solve the problem.

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