How To Fix The Microwave Not Heating? [Updated 2023]

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Do you want to know why your microwave not heating and how can you fix the microwave not heating issue? As we all know Microwave is an amazing invention that makes the heating-up process quick.

Although, it can be a problem if this household appliance is not functioning properly.  When the microwave does not heat, so you must check what the causes of the microwave not heating are. And then you need to fix the microwave, not the heating issue.

However, microwave comes in different size and appearance but they all operate on the same principle. If you feel that your microwave is not heating your food then you have an issue with the high-voltage diode. So, if you want to fix this issue then keep reading this article, so that you will learn how to fix the microwave, not heating.

Fix Microwave Not Heating

Fix The Microwave Not Heating

If your microwave isn’t heating, you must check its setting first, timer or low power, Switch it on, switch it over, and test again with food. If it’s still not working, then the common issues might be door frame switches, high-voltage diodes, or the microwave’s magnetron. If you’re not confident to do so then you should check with a professional.  If you want to do this, you must follow these steps carefully.

Step 1:  Check the power supply

First of all, you have to check the power supply of your microwave. Just make sure that the power supply is plugged into an operational outlet or not. So check it out, you can plug the other small item in this outlet so that you get the idea if it is functioning or not. If this small item power on that means the outlet is properly functioning and the issue is with your microwave if the outlet does not work then you have to check the fuse that has blown.

Step 2:  Make sure the door is properly shut

Most microwave has three or four door switches that will help to heat the food after the door is closed. As we all know, the microwave will not work or heat if its door is not properly closed. So make sure you have shut the door firmly. And if you recently buy this microwave then you have to remove the shipping spacer.

Step 3:  Check the control

Now you have to make sure that the controls of your microwave are turned to the proper setting for what you heat. If your setting is a lower power level, it will not heat your dish. So you should adjust the power level of your microwave according to your dish.

Step 4: Check the display codes

If the microwave is set to the specific mode, then the unit does not heat and the code will display. Control lock and demo lock can prevent the appliance from heating. To resolve this issue you need to consult your microwave’s model use guide.

Internal Issue With Microwave

If after trying all these easy steps, your microwave still does not work then the issue is with an internal part. So you must check out these steps:

Fix The Microwave Not Heating

Burned-out Diode

 the diode is a component that can double the voltage to power the magnetron to heat your food. But the burned-out diode can have the power to do this, a burned-out diode cannot receive high voltage to operate. So when it fails, it will not heat your food.  There is only one solution to this issue, you need to replace this burned-out diode.

Malfunctioning Magnetron

If the magnetron is malfunctioning then your microwave will not heat. You need to use a multimeter to test the magnetron if the reading is less than one Ohm and the magnetron does not have shorted for the component to be heating properly.  So we say the magnetron is not repairable so you have to replace it with the new one.

Faulty High Voltage Capacitor

 the capacitor helps the diode to double the voltage power but the faulty capacitor cannot able to prevent the entire voltage circuit from heating. It would be a leak or bulge. You can test the capacitor by using analog- style Ohm meter and you can also use a capacitor tester. So the professional person can resolve this issue.

Failed Transformer

When the transformation of high voltage fails, it will produce a burning smell and will not generate heat. We must say that Microwave is not simple household appliance they, work with power, and it can also be dangerous to check the internal parts.

If you’re not satisfied to do this, so we must recommend getting in touch with someone professional. Because only the professional can access, fix and replace the internal components of the microwave oven.


There is no doubt, Microwaves are an integral part of many of our lives. And if you feel there is something wrong with your microwave or microwave not heating then with the help of some household told you can fix this issue very easily. You can also fix the microwave, not a heating issue. All these techniques or fixes only can apply if your microwave still powers on but it will not heat food.

If you find out that the microwave does not power on then it would not automatically heat up anything, now your microwave probably has a different issue. We hope this post, gives you some easy fixes to try if your microwave does not heat. Now you can easily fix the microwave not heating issue but if you are fully confident to do so. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in this case!

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