Is It Safe To Microwave Wet Clothes To Dry Them? [Updated 2023]

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This is an amazing question that must come into a female’s creative mind “is it safe to microwave wet clothes to dry them? Basically, microwaves are one of the most convenient appliances that save time and can get things done fast. Usually, the microwave can be found easily in every home’s kitchen and it is designed to heat your meal properly and fastly.

No, it is not safe to microwave wet clothes to dry them. Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to heat up objects. When water is heated, it can cause the molecules to expand and cause the fabric of the clothes to shrink or burn. Additionally, the high heat of microwaves can also potentially damage the electronic components in the appliance itself. Therefore, it is not advised to use microwaves to dry wet clothes.

The microwave uses electromagnetic waves that can heat our food. These waves are highly absorbed by fat, sugars, and water. And these electromagnetic waves will penetrate up to an inch of our meal and the surface of our microwaved foods are hot and the inside is cold. But do you hear about dry clothes in the microwave? If don’t know about it, then this guide might be so interesting for you.

Is It Safe To Microwave Wet Clothes To Dry Them?

So, if someone needs to dry his clothes quickly then the microwave makes sense and is easy to operate. So let’s talk about whether is it safe to microwave wet clothes to dry them, in this detailed guide!

Can We Dry Clothes in a Microwave?

Microwave Wet Clothes To Dry Them

The answer to this question is amazing yes you can dry clothes in the microwave but keep in mind that you will get different results with different fabrics. If you’ve tried to dry then you must have an idea that they just heat not completely dry and when your clothes are in the microwave, you’ve probably been disappointed.

Basically, the fabric of Cotton is okay as it is microwave-safe material but elastic and polyester are bad with the heat of the microwave and possibly they may melt after getting the heat of the microwave. If you are planning to microwave your wet clothes to dry then you must need to explore this issue, which fabrics are safe if you microwave and which fabrics are not good to microwave.

Microwaves could be an easy and convenient method to dry your wet clothes but it is not always the best way for it. So let’s see what happens if we dry our wet clothes in the microwave.

What Happens if You Microwave Clothes?

The first thing you need to know is that it was not safe to microwave wet clothes to dry. If you do this then there are many things that can happen when you microwave your wet clothing. Let’s talk about that:

The first thing is that the clothing will be hot but not dry. Use your sense that is because the microwave is not a dryer but yes it is a heater. It can heat things up including the moisture in the clothing. The second thing you will notice is that unless it is 100% cotton, after microwaving it, you may have a mess on your hands.

Polyester may melt on your hands. The Spandex stuff is flammable and could catch fire on you. And the high heat also can ignite those clothes. Heat and plastic are not good for each other also. The good thing is that all natural fibers are microwave safe.

So we can say that all the fibers are not microwavable. The delicate stuff does not react well after getting heated and one more thing that you can notice is that you may end up having a fabric blob after opening the door to the microwave. There is also an important factor that you need to concern about.

So, if you dry your clothes quickly, then you can ruin your microwave just because the reason many clothing items have metal buttons, zippers, and studs on them.  So the Metal and microwaves cannot mix. So we must say that it is possible and you can microwave wet clothes to dry them but still, we don’t recommend it to you due to safety precautions.

What to Do if You Need to Dry Your Clothes Fast?

Microwave Wet Clothes To Dry Them

In an emergency, if there is only one choice for drying your garments in the microwave, then some useful tips can help you in this case. You just need to do the following:

  • First of all, keep in mind that the fabric you’re drying should not so big.
  • It also has not any metal or plastic so avoid doing this with a soiled towel because it can stink your kitchen.
  • In order To keep your microwave safe, cover the cloth with a dish.
  • You should also reduce the microwave temperature to 70% of its original setting.
  • Microwave the clothes for 10 seconds only.
  • Remove it from the microwave with clothes to release the temperature. Wait for some time to cool down if it’s too hot.
  • If you notice that the fabric is still wet, then you can repeat the above-mentioned method, but always set a lower temperature for only 10 seconds each time. When your cloth is completely dry, then press it for a few minutes to dry it fully.


We must say that you can easily microwave wet clothes but it is not safe. That’s why we must say that Microwaving clothing is not a good idea. There is a risk if your clothing items will have some sort of metal object on them. In this way, there is the chance of ruining your microwave if you are doing this in hurry and carelessly.

And for kind, your information Microwaves are for heating things up and won’t dry things. So don’t be silly and dry your clothes in the clothing dryer. So that’s all you need to learn about the topic of whether is it safe to microwave wet clothes to dry them. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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