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Are you wondering “is silicon microwave safe”? You’re not alone. Many people are confused about whether silicon is safe to cook in a microwave. There is no doubt, Microwave is one of the most common fixtures in modern kitchens. Microwave allows you to cook and heat up food in a super easy way, without having to use the oven or the stovetop. When you use your microwave, then you must need a suitable, heat-resistant bowl to heat your food.

One option is silicone. As you can see, there are a lot of products in our kitchens at a rapid pace. So many people have some concerns about microwaving silicon, so the question is that “can you microwave silicone”? Or “is silicon microwave safe”? The quick answer is yes, silicone is microwave-safe and you do have to be careful with the type of silicone you use in your microwave.

Any kind of them won’t melt or burn. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for your safety. You just need to keep reading this helpful post to learn more about silicone, and the correct way of safely microwaving silicone.

What Is Silicone?

Silicon Microwave Safe

Basically, Silicone is a simple product that is used for baking and cooking. Silicon is a synthetic polymer that includes many bonded chemicals that makes a flexible, rubber-like plastic that makes it safe to use in the kitchen.

Being high heat resistance and also low toxicity Silicone is an amazing option for bakeware and cookware, so you can use it in many different ways. There are a lot of benefits to using silicone, such as:

  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Can be found in different shapes and colors
  • Stain-resistant
  • Non-stick properties

Can You Microwave Silicone Items? Is Silicon Microwave Safe?

As we have mentioned above, Silicone is microwave safe and it can be used in the microwave. Most types of silicone are bakeware and cookware that are absolutely microwave-safe, but a few to remember are not. If you have any doubts then Always check when you make a purchase.

Almost all silicone bakeware and cookware can be used in the microwave and the freezer.  Basically, silicon is made from food grade, there is no concern about its fluctuation in temperature because it is high-temperature resistant. In this way, silicon will not make the reason to leach into your food.

That’s why you can easily use silicone bakeware and cookware in the microwave. But you might get away with using any type of silicone in the microwave, we suggest only using food-grade silicone in the microwave. This is the safest option as it was made to hold food at high temperatures.

What Temperature Is Silicone Safe At?

Food-grade silicone is made as high temperature resistant as normal silicone that can be microwaved at temperatures up to 480°F, and all the way down to -100°F. That means you can use it safely in your microwave, oven, and freezer at this temperature. However, you should not use silicone above this temperature.

What Are The Risks Of Microwaving Silicone?

Silicon Microwave Safe

Well, we have mentioned that Food-grade silicone is safe to use in the microwave, but there might be some risks that come with it too. You can face these risks too:

1. Loss of Shape

Silicone is used at high and low temperatures, but if you use silicone bakeware or cookware at high heat, then it might lose its shape over time. So, you should be careful with the silicone product and don’t use it at high heat too often and for prolonged periods to avoid this loss of shape issue.

2. Floppy Structure

Another issue that you can face with using silicone cookware in the microwave, is that it does not have a rigid structure.  It gives firm support when placing food in the microwave or removing it from the microwave.

One way to get around, you can place the silicone container onto a microwave-safe plate in the microwave, then you have to use this plate to put the silicone in the microwave and when taking it out. No doubt, it can defeat the purpose as you would be using two dishes instead of one.

3. Hot To Touch

Silicone cookware and bakeware might be hot when you placed them into the heat of the microwave, so, you should be careful, when removing them from the microwave. You must have a dishcloth to hold the silicone container to prevent yourself from burning your hands.

4. Poor Heat Conductor

Basically, Silicone is a poor heat conductor, which means it does not good for browning baked goods in the microwave. They can turn out a lighter color. Basically, it is not a big problem in the microwave, but it will take a little longer for the food to heat slowly.


In the end, we can say that Silicone can be used in the microwave, but you should be careful with the type of silicone you are going to use in the microwave. When you are planning to use silicone for baking and cooking in the microwave, it must be food-grade silicone and it should be heat-resistant.  So that’s all you need to know about “is silicon microwave safe”. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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