How Many Watts Does A Pellet Grill Use? [Updated 2023]

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If you are a pellet grill food lover then you must have an idea about how many watts does a pellet grill use? Pellet grill has the ability to provide real wood flavor. And you can easily use the pellet grill. Although it works after burning wood pellets to create heat and smoke in order to cook your favorite food, as we all know that the pellet grill needs electricity to operate and cook your food.

But the question is that “How much is the grill costing to operate that thing?” or “How many watts does a pellet grill use”? So, don’t panic! Here is a detailed guide that will help you to know of how much electricity or watts a pellet grill uses. So keep reading this helpful article for further detail.

Do the Pellet Grills Use Electricity?

Basically, the Pellet grill uses wood as fuel to make an amazing smoke that will help to envelop the food while the smoking process. So, the wood pellet is the source to produce of heat, smoke, and flavor, but the pellet grills must have electricity to operate.

However, it only needs electricity to get the power of digital display panels, rotate the auger to move the wood pellets, and also to control the flame with the stoker fans. So it’s minimal to use electricity in this way. But, if you lose access to electricity, then your pellet grill could stop operating completely.

How Many Watts Does a Pellet Grill Use?

How many watts does a pellet grill use

As we mentioned above the pellet grill needs electricity for only basic functions or to operate. In this way, we must say the pellet grills is very little power usage.

  • When you start the pellet grill then it takes 300-500 watts for the very first few minutes to power the igniter. This means that Pellet grills basically use between 300-500 watts to start up. When the wood pellets have caught equally, after 3 minutes, the ignitor switches will turn off.
  • After that, 50 watts are needed now, so your pellet grill will take 50 watts for the remainder of the cooking process to continue power to the auger, fans, and also digital display.
  • So we can say that pellet grills take about 550 watts.

Pellet Grill Electricity Demand during Ignition of 250 Watts

Now the important fact to understand that how to calculate the electricity consumption of the pellet grill. Here is how to do this:

  • Basically, The Pellet Grill has a wattage rating of about 500 watts. So, the grill uses almost 500 watts of power when powered on and runs at total capacity.
  • When it comes to igniting the pellets, the grill starts to use 250 watts. Now The grill is using less power as compared to running at total capacity.
  • So, now it’s time to calculate the electricity consumption of the Pellet Grill during ignition, here is the equation:  

                250 watts / 1 hour / 0.7 = 175 watt-hours

Now we can say that the Pellet Grills uses 175 watt-hours of electricity during ignition.

How to Calculate the Electricity Consumption of Your Pellet Grill?

Watts Does A Pellet Grill Use

There is no doubt you can calculate the electricity consumption of the pellet grill very easily. First of all, you should determine the wattage rating of your grill. For example, you are using your pellet grill with a wattage rating of 500 watts. Now here is, how to calculate it:

  • Now we must have an idea about the total cooking time of your food. For example, we are going to cook that food which takes the cooking time of 1 hour.
  • Next, you have to account for inefficiencies in your pellet grill. so you are using an efficiency rating of 70%.
  • Now you have all information, you have to calculate the electricity consumption of your pellet grill in this way.

500 watts / 1 hour / 0.7 = 350 watt-hours

As a result, your pellet grill will use almost 350 watts per hour of electricity over 1 hour of cooking time.


Pellet electric grill is an amazing way to get the real flavor of charcoal without much spending time. And, they’re easier to use as compared to other types of grills, so you don’t worry about the usage of too much power. You just need to check the wattage rating before going to market to purchase the pellet grill and must look for these features of pellet grills that will help you save on power usage. We hope so, we have answered properly and clearly about how many watts a pellet grill uses.

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