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There are a lot of people who have a microwave in their kitchen, but they have no idea about PL on the microwave. So “what does PL 10 mean on a microwave”? Basically, PL stands for POWER LEVEL we can say that full power is known as pl10. The default power level PL10 will appear on the display of your microwave. There is no doubt, we have spent most of our time hitting the “express” button on the microwave.

But there’s still another magic button which is the power level button. If you think that adjusting the power level is just like adjusting the heat on your stove or your microwave oven, so we will say that you wouldn’t cook everything under your broiler or on high heat on your stove. The same thing is applied to the microwave.

Basically, certain foods such as grains and eggs, need a gentler heat to get the required texture and avoid overflowing or burning that food. It is so helpful in heating certain foods more evenly. But now that thing to understand is how that work does. So we are just talking in detail about the topic of “what does pl 10 mean on a microwave” in this helpful post. You just need to read this article carefully.

What does Pl 10 mean on a microwave?

Are you curious to know how power levels on microwaves work? Stay with us to find out! We’ll walk you through the basics and help you understand what’s going on inside your microwave. It’s all about power. Microwaves use different levels of power to cook food, and each level has a different purpose.

First off, higher power levels are used to cook food quickly. This is great for when you’re in a hurry and need to get dinner on the table fast. Lower power levels are better for defrosting or reheating food since they give the food more time to heat up without overcooking it. So next time you’re microwaving something, take a look at the power levels and choose the one that best fits your needs. And don’t forget to have fun with it

How do power levels on microwaves work?

Pl 10 Mean On A Microwave

A microwave uses a constant stream of microwave to cook food quickly. The microwave can also heat water molecules up fast, and then heat them at the same rate. Basically, all the models of microwaves default to cooking at full power. That’s also true that microwave producers have an idea that there needs to be an easy way to cook certain foods more gently. That’s why this power level button kicks in.

The power level function turns the microwaves off after some time, this short period allows the food to cook at a slower rate so that it could be cooked properly. This “off” period will help the residual heat that’s produced in your food from the full-power or PL 10 cooking to continue cooking that food without the more intense direct microwave heat. No doubt that’s an amazing thing.

However, after setting the microwave to Power Level 5, or 50%, the inside waves start to bounce around only 50% of the time, which will allow the food to cook more properly and gently. You can also calculate it according to the wattage of your microwave. For example, an 800-watt microwave set at Power Level 5 (50%) will cook your food simply at the rate that 400 watts would.

What kind of food is required to be cooked at a lower power level in the microwave?

Certain foods just need to cook at a lower power level in the microwave. Here are some of the foods that are cooked more gently by adjusting your microwave’s power level.


Grains like rice and quinoa just need Power Levels 3-6, that’s mean they need to be cooked at a lower power level. Starchy grains can also burn at full power in the microwave. So you need to cook them always at a low level.


Yes, there is no doubt that you can definitely cook some eggs at full power in the microwave. However, some preparations of eggs just need much a softer texture that can be get by gentle cooking. So we can say that to cook an egg power level can be 4-10.

Dairy-based foods

The dairy-based foods just require a power level of 4-5, the dairy might be heated up gently if cooking for a longer period of time, so you need to avoid separating or burning.

Defrosting frozen food

If you are going to defrost frozen food through microwaves by vibrating molecules like water to generate heat, the appliance may only do that if water is in liquid form. That’s mean if water is frozen into ice, then your microwaves can not be able to vibrate the water molecules. Then the question is that how do microwaves defrost frozen food at all?

Basically, when you take frozen food out of the freezer, there might be an outermost layer of water that immediately begins to thaw. The microwave will help to penetrate that thin layer of water by heating it. Then the heat starts to generate from the thin layer of liquid water then heats up the next layer of ice. a lower power level of about 1-4 power level to defrost food can help this process happen more gently because, in this way, it allows that residual heat to transfer to the ice and melt it.

Decoding microwave power levels

Pl 10 Mean On A Microwave

Microwaves list power levels in different ways. We are describing a cheat sheet to help you adjust the power level:

PL 10 = it is 100% of the power level that is known as High (default)

PL 9 = it is 90% of the power level that is High

PL 8 = it is about 80% of the power level that can be called Med-High

PL 7 = it is the 70% of power level that is also known as Med-High

PL 6 = This is the 60% of the power level that is Medium

PL 5 = This is 50% of the power level that is also called Medium

PL 4 = It is the 40% of power level that is Med-Low

PL 3 = This is almost 30% power level that is called the Med-Low

PL 2 = This is a low power level of about 20% this is called a Low

PL 1 = This is 10% of the power level which is also called Low


In the end, we must say to Understand the power levels in microwave cooking might be a little bit confusing not only to the beginning microwave cook but also to the person who is the more experienced. Using the proper power level for each food is very important to make the best cooking results. So that’s all you need to know about “what does PL10 mean on a microwave”? We hope this article will help you a lot!

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