Can A Convection Microwave Replace A Toaster Oven? [Updated 2023]

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Do most people confuse if they can convection microwave replace a toaster oven? As we all know Convection microwaves and toaster ovens are both common kitchen appliances that are commonly used to reheat or cook our foods.

Yeah, these are so amazing products. Both of these microwaves are so popular, especially for people who have tiny kitchen areas. These two essential kitchen appliances convection microwave and toaster oven would make sense. But if space is an issue then you need to consider getting only one.

Many people always select the convection microwave in place of the toaster oven. But the fact to understand is that “Can a convection microwave replace a toaster oven”? It can do toast properly like a toaster oven or not.

In this article, we are going to cover the difference between these two amazing appliances convection microwaves and toaster ovens, which one offers more cooking options, which one is much better, or whether it is a good idea to replace the toaster oven with a convection oven.

What Is the Difference Between a Convection Microwave and a Toaster Oven?

Convection Microwave Replace A Toaster Oven

As we mentioned above these are different from one another. But they are similar in size and function, but when it comes to performance and usefulness in the kitchen then there is a great difference. Basically, the Toaster ovens have heating elements that toast items, cooking food from the outside inwards with hot air like a traditional oven.

But if we talk about convection microwaves, so they have the functionality of traditional microwaves and toaster ovens. They can easily toast items or cook them with microwaves from the inside out. The toaster ovens don’t cover much space and they are smaller.

You can easily install it and have convenient racks to put food on different shelves, while convection microwaves are much easier to clean than a toaster oven, they are larger than toaster ovens and can provide more functionality as compared to toaster ovens.

 It is a fact that being functions convection microwaves are more expensive than toaster ovens and they are better for small spaces such as small apartments and dorms.  While toaster ovens are easier to manage and cost far less money. The convection microwave cooks food from the inside out and allows the heat to circulate around the placed food and cook it properly, infect, the convection microwave has many cooking options than a toaster oven.

Convection microwaves can easily reheat, grill, crisp, bake, and roast your food with different functional buttons. While the toaster ovens only toast. So they are better than convection microwaves when it comes to toasting. so we can say that convection microwaves offer a wider range of cooking abilities while toaster ovens are limited to toast.

Can a Convection Microwave Replace a Toaster Oven?

Convection Microwave Replace A Toaster Oven

A microwave can cook frozen meals, melt butter, and reheat foods However, the convection oven is capable to bake, cook, roasting, crisping, and toast. Yeah, that is right the toaster is better at toasting as compared to a convection microwave, but it is much faster at making that toast than a toaster oven.

Regardless the convection oven has amazingly toasting and baking features.  So we can say that the convection microwave combo is better to replace a huge oven than a toaster because the convection mode is better heat distribution due to its fans.


In the end, in the discussion of “Can a convection microwave replace a toaster oven? “Then, we must say yes, you can do it. But is a fact that a convection microwave is capable of toasting but the quality of the toast is not like that a toaster can provide. Convection microwaves offer just provides half of the toasting ability of a toaster.

We think this is not a bad idea to replace it because with toasting you can use many other features. But if space is not an issue or you can afford then you can add a toaster to the appliances in your kitchen. But if you have space or money issues then can buy a convection microwave in the place of a toaster oven. Being many features, a convection microwave is a smart choice.

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