Can Coffee Make You Light-Headed? [Updated 2023]

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Are you wondering to know the fact about “can coffee make you light-headed”? so we are going to cover this topic in this post. Basically, Coffee is one of the world’s most favorite drinks among people. Coffee lovers always grab a cup of coffee to jump-start their day. Yes, this is true it is an energizing item that will help you to wake up and start an amazing day. 

But, Daily coffee drinkers have experienced a bit of light-headedness after drinking a cup of Joe at one time or another. In this way, some people say that drinking coffee makes them feel light-headed. So if you are asking the question “Can coffee makes you sick”? So we must say yes, coffee can make you light-headed. When you drink a cup of Coffee, it will affect your stomach, then can lead you to feel light-headed.

Can Coffee Make You Light-Headed?

Don’t be so upset to hear about that if you’re a coffee lover and you also feel light-headed after taking your coffee because you’re not alone in this world and it is not an uncommon thing. So, we don’t make it so complicated, and let’s discuss it in detail so that you can understand what can really coffee makes you lightheaded and what are the reasons behind this issue. So keep reading this article, we will be going to explain everything in detail.


Coffee Make You Light-Headed

Basically, caffeine is the essential component of coffee and it is the main reason for light headed as every cup of coffee has a certain level of caffeine. We often overlook that caffeine is a drug, a stimulant. Many people drink a cup of coffee and treat it like liquid and light breakfast which is not a good idea. 

Being a stimulant, it can speed up messages between the brain and your body fastly and if you got feel hyperactive it will make the reason for your being light-headed. The other reason for light-headedness is that the caffeine you take through coffee decreases the speed of blood flow to the brain. That will lead to your lightheadedness. Now, taking a cup of coffee doesn’t automatically mean that you’re always going to feel light-headed.

Caffeine consumption on an empty stomach can also make the stomach lining erode acid and most certainly cause jitters. And that also leads to light-headedness.  But the fact to understand is that the metabolic system of everybody is different, which means that everybody metabolizes the taken coffee in different ways. 

There are also some people, who do not experience this symptom.  However, if you are one of that people who feel light-headed after taking coffee, then there is no need to take it much seriously because it’s normal.

Some Other Basic Reasons Coffee Causes Light-Headed

Coffee Make You Light-Headed

You have already mentioned that caffeine is the main reason behind light-headedness. However, there are also some more causes that are also so important to discuss when need to understand why coffee makes you light-headed. So some of them are given below:

1. Medications

Sometimes you are not feeling well and the doctor gave you medicine to recover but at the main time, you also take your coffee as you take in your daily routine. But you have no idea that meditation is the most common factor that coffee can cause lightheadedness after taking a cup of coffee if you take some medications.

So, if you are taking such types of medicine as Ephedrine, Theophylline, Echinacea, Ciprofloxacin, and Monoamine oxidase inhibitors then you must need to avoid coffee. Besides these medications, there are many other medications and supplements that could make the reason for light headed when you drink a cup of coffee. So you need to be so careful about taking coffee.

2. Stress, tension, anxiety

The stress and some kind of tension in your mind may also be the reason for your light headed when you drink coffee! As it is a fact that tension and Stress affect your mind and body. And the most common side effect is that stress will lead you to light headed and anxious. When you already have any stress on your mind and in the main time you also take coffee that has too much caffeine, then you can feel light-headed. If there is any high stress, then you need to cut back on the coffee intake or avoided to drink it.

3. Skip breakfast

Coffee makes you light-headed whenever you skip breakfast. To take your cup of coffee as a light breakfast is never a good idea. Caffeine always affects an empty stomach. So you should not skip breakfast and when you take a cup of coffee you just need to take some food with it during breakfast, if you are a person who will not feel well after drinking coffee.

4. Empty stomach

When your stomach is empty you should avoid coffee. Otherwise, you will feel light-headed. Because caffeine affects your empty stomach so badly and strongly. The food in your stomach will help to dilute the caffeine and reduces side effects that’s why food is so important.  Always try to take some food when you drink a cup of coffee,

5. Improper Sleep

Lack of sleep is also one of the most common reasons that can make you light-headed. When you don’t take proper sleep and take coffee then it will lead you to feel light-headed.  The caffeine interferes with your sleep. So if you are a victim of improper sleep then you avoid taking much amount of caffeine to avoid feeling lightheaded. Because taking much amount of caffeine through coffee means that you’re limiting the blood supply to your brain. As a result, you start to feel light-headed. So always avoid strong coffee during improper sleep.

6. Avoid Too Much Coffee

However, If you are one of those people who drinks too much coffee then we must say it is a major reason to feel light-headed after drinking coffee. You should always use less than 400 mg of caffeine each day. According to American research, 3 cups of regular coffee is enough for a whole day. When to start to take much caffeine then you can lead to lightheaded. Always try to drink a lot of water during the day. It will help you a lot to avoid the light-headed issue.


That’s all you need to know about “Can coffee make you light headed”. Now it’s time to find out the solution to your lightheaded problem if you are a coffee lover and can’t imagine living without coffee. So, We have explained most of the basic reasons that can coffee makes you lightheaded so that you can understand what’s going on and what you need to do in this situation.  You can take advantage of our helpful tips.

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