How To Empty The Bunn Coffee Maker? [Updated 2023]

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If you want to get the perfect guide on how to empty the Bunn coffee maker, then you’re at the right place. Coffee is the most popular drink among people of every age in the world. There are many ways of making coffee and the most popular is to make your amazing coffee by using a coffee maker. You just need to put all ingredients, and it will do the work automatically.

However, the Bunn coffee maker is one of them. Make sure to empty the coffee maker for the next coffee you brew comes out tasting right and also the water inside doesn’t damage the machine.

As usual, draining the water from a Bunn coffee maker is so simple and it will not take much time at all. In this article, we are going to tell you a step-by-step guide on how to empty a Bunn coffee maker.

What is Bunn Coffee Maker?

Empty The Bunn Coffee Maker

A Bunn coffee maker is a kind of coffee maker that has much more as compared to regular coffee makers. If you have a regular coffee maker, then you just brewing efficiency and can’t do more at all. And the other more important thing is that you have to take off the whole coffee at a time, and you can keep it in your coffee maker.

 A Bunn coffee maker is so different.  It can provide an efficient brewing result and helps to keep the coffee warm with its built-in warming mechanism that will keep your coffee hot and fresh, and you can easily take it everywhere. Along with the basic introduction, it’s so important to know about the process of how to empty a Bunn coffee maker. Let’s see the following instructions.

How to Empty Bunn Coffee Maker?

To empty the Bunn coffee maker is not so difficult. You can empty it in just four steps, and all these steps are so easy to follow. But make sure that you follow all the steps correctly if you are going to do this for the first time. Here is a step-by-step guide to emptying the Bunn coffee maker:

Empty The Bunn Coffee Maker

1. Unplug the Electricity Wire

First of all, you must unplug the electricity cable from the outlet before you start to empty the coffee maker. This is a very important step for safety especially if you have placed your coffee maker near your sink. So must unplug the power and if you empty the coffee maker with the power on, then you might face electric shocks and some other problems.

2. Cool the Hot Water

The second important step is to cool the hot water if you notice that there is hot water in the water tank. In this case, you should let cool it first before emptying your Bunn coffee order to cool down the water, you need to pour some cold water into the tank. You just need to open the lid and pour the cold right into the brewer. Now you can easily flush out the hot water from the water tank.

  • So you have to place the craft into the warming plate of your Bunn coffee maker, now close the lid of the coffee maker.
  • The cold water will push the hot water into this craft.
  • Now repeat this process until all the hot water is flushed out from the water tank of your Bunn coffee maker.

3. Drain Out Cold Water

Now you have to drain out the cold water. Here is how to do this:

  • First of all, you should remove the brew funnel and spray head.
  • Next, you have to rotate both parts in the direction anti-clockwise
  • Now they come off easily.
  • You need to put both parts aside on the table.
  • Now hold your coffee maker and take it to the sink
  • Now drain the water from the spray tube and top lid
  • You have to keep the coffee maker here until all the cold water flows out in this sink.
  • When all the cold water has flowed out, you’ve emptied your Bunn coffee maker.

4. Assemble All Parts

Now it’s time to assemble all the parts of your Bunn coffee maker. Here is how to assemble all the parts correctly.

  • First of all, start with a spray head. Take it and fix it back into position. You should rotate it in a clockwise direction.
  • Now insert the brew funnel.

Resemble all the parts very carefully, so that any part of your Bunn coffee maker won’t damage. Fix them so tightly or too loosely. Firstly check out what you have done correctly before to make a fresh cup of coffee.


Empty your Bunn coffee maker will not take much time. However, it is quite important if you want that it will properly work. But make sure that your Bunn coffee maker doesn’t get damaged during this process. You should always clean the machine after every use.

Because Proper maintenance is only the way to get perfect results from your Bunn coffee maker every time you want to brew. So, now you have learned about the Bunn coffee makers and how to empty Bunn coffee makers. You just need to follow our given process to make this process easier.

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