Why Does The Dishwasher Keep Blowing The Fuse? [Updated 2023]

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If you have an issue with the dishwasher keep blowing the fuse, then you must think that “why the dishwasher keeps blowing the fuse“? Basically, Modern homes have different home appliances that run throughout the day. There are many appliances that work properly with a continual power supply.

But when some of them start to have inherent issues, they suddenly keep tripping issues. And this is something that mostly happens with heavy appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Especially, a dishwasher’s owner may experience a blown thermal fuse from time to time.

We must say, that’s not normal. And especially, what happens if the thermal fuse keeps blowing again and again? If this case, then your dishwasher has some serious problems. There are some basic reasons why the dishwasher keeps blowing the fuse.

So In this article, we will explore all of these possible reasons that can help you to understand what is wrong with your dishwasher. Then, we will talk about how to fix each of these problems. So you need to continue reading to know why your dishwasher keeps blowing the fuse, and how you can fix the problem.

What Is A Dishwasher Thermal Fuse?

Dishwasher Keep Blowing The Fuse

Firstly, it’s so important to learn the thermal fuse in your dishwasher and how it works. Like any other kind of fuse, a dishwasher thermal fuse is called a ‘sacrificial device’. Unlike other kinds of fuses, the thermal fuse of the dishwasher reacts to excessive heat.

If there’s a short circuit in the dishwasher, then your dishwasher’s fuse may heat up and keeps blowing when it has reached a specific temperature. After that, the dishwasher’s fuse will stop working or ‘blows’ to cut down the electrical circuit and protect the dishwasher from further damage.

 In this way, the thermal fuse always protects you from facing any serious situation as you use the appliance. There are two types of thermal fuses in a dishwasher. One is a high-limit thermostat that connects to the bottom of the tub and the second fuse is located on the control board. Both serve a similar purpose

Now, let’s talk about what could be causing your thermal fuses to blow even after you’ve replaced them.

Why Does Your Dishwasher keep blowing the fuse?

Dishwasher Keep Blowing The Fuse

As we have mentioned above, there are several reasons that lead to a thermal fuse blowing repeatedly. They might have a broken wire, the wire harness, loose electrical connections, the machine’s pressure switch issue, and Water leaks. Let’s talk to them one by one:

1. Broken wires

Just like any other electrical home appliance, the dishwasher also has many wires running throughout the machine.so, the wires are located behind panels that should be removed before accessing and inspecting them. The exact location of the wires may depend on the dishwasher’s model. Please read the user manual that comes with the dishwasher when you purchased it.

These are insulated or coated, but these wires can break for several different reasons. Basically, these wires may be low quality, or they could be broken. A broken wire interferes with other exposed wiring or the metallic parts of your dishwasher. That will lead to a short circuit, which causes the dishwasher’s fuse to heat up.

2. Wire Harness

When you replace the thermal fuse, some manufacturers may change the wire harness. Basically, a wire harness is a bundle of wires inside the dishwasher. So, in spite of inspecting and fixing a single wire, wire harnesses make it easier to replace the entire bundle of wires altogether.

Some manufacturers have to change the wire harness if you just replace the thermal fuse. One of the wires in the harness might be, loose, broken, burnt, or damaged which will lead to overheating and a blown thermal fuse. This faulty wire inside the bundle of wires could come into contact with each other, leading to a short circuit.

3. Loose Connection

 A dishwasher has several electrical wires inside it that connect to each other of its components together. The connections should be put on tight so that the electrical current can flow without restrictions. Because loose connection may create problems like short circuits or excessive heat. If there is a loose connection inside the dishwasher that can lead to circuit amperage, overheating, and blow.

4. Water Leaks

If your dishwasher is leaking water, that means the water or drain pump has been damaged or broken. If the dripping water comes in contact with any of the electrical components of your dishwasher, then it could lead to the fuse blowing.

5. Faulty Temperature Sensor

Basically, Hot water is the most important element when it comes to dishwashing. Water needs to be much hot to remove dirt and oil from the items you put inside the dishwasher. Then your dishwasher relies on a temperature sensor that detects the water coming from the inlet is too cold. In this way, the component can trigger the coffeemaker to heat the water up to a more suitable temperature.

When the water is too hot, then the temperature sensor will stop the dishwasher from heating the water to avoid overheating and damaging the components of the dishwasher. A dishwasher’s temperature sensor becomes a failure at some point.  It may have suffered from any fault after many years in use. When the temperature sensor fails, the water is too cold due to the faulty sensor. Then your dishwasher will heat up which leads to overheating and blows.

6. Easy fixes

So we are going to tell you some easy fixes, you can try to resolve the issue that is mentioned below:

How to fix broken wires?

If the broken wires are the main culprit then you need to do this:

  • First of all, disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply outlet
  • Now, drain all the water from the dishwasher.
  • Now find out the broken wire.
  • After locating the broken wire, you need to cut and splice the wire together using a wire nut.
  • As a precaution, it is better to look out for any additional broken wires at the same time.

How to fix the wire harness?

You can replace the wire harness but we must say, it is a little bit high cost. Or you can try another much simpler solution. Here is how to do this:

  • First of all, disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply
  • Next, drain all the water inside the dishwasher.
  • Now, remove the panels to get access to the existing wire harness.
  • It is a tricky part to replace the wire harness correctly. So, you have to read the user manual or you can take photos of the older wire harness. So that, a photo reference can guide you in reinstalling the new wire harness.

How to fix the loose connection issue?

  • First of all, read the user manual carefully.
  • Then unplug the dishwasher and drain the inside water.
  • Next, tighten the loose cables properly. The wires should not be so tight or so loose.

How to fix water leaks?

If your dishwasher is facing a blowing fuse issue due to water leaks then it’s necessary to get the help of any professional to resolve the water leakage issue.

How to fix a Faulty Temperature Sensor?

So you need to replace the faulty temperature to resolve the issue of the dishwasher keeps blowing fuse issue.

  • First of all, it is important to identify the correct replacement part first. In this order, you should always refer to the user manual to find the correct part number.
  • Make sure to remove the power supply and drain the inside water.
  • In order to replace the temperature sensor, it’s important to get accessing the inner components of the dishwasher.
  • Next, you have to Remove the connectors to the temperature sensor and replace it.


Dishwashers can cause to trip when their internal parts get worn out or faulty. So we have mentioned some basic reasons for the issue and also their fixes. You just need to identify and fix it. If you are confident to fix the issue yourself, make sure you have all safety precautions and must read the manual card before starting the fixing process. Otherwise, you can get help from a professional to do so.

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