How To Disable Dryer Buzzer? [Updated 2023]

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Have you ever wondered how to disable dryer buzzer? You’re not alone. Hundreds of people every day are looking for ways to quiet down the annoying buzzer that comes from their dryer.

Are you feel irritated with the loud buzz noise of your dryer and you want to get a ride from this irritating loud noise then you must learn to disable the dryer buzzer. There is no doubt, the cycle of your dryer is an annoyance and the buzzer on the cycle’s end is also an unwanted interruption and disturbance.

This loud noise is also harmful to people suffering from hearing issues, so, a disabled dryer buzzer is not a big deal. Ohhhh! You don’t have to worry about it, disconnecting the dryer’s buzzer is a completely simple and safe process.

If you are tired of listening to these signal alerts of your dryer’s buzzer, so you have to follow these simple steps to disconnect the buzzer’s wires or the disable buzzer of your dryer.  Let’s get more about your dryer buzzer and how to disable the dryer buzzer.

What Is Dryer Buzzer?

How To Disable Dryer Buzzer

The buzzer of a dryer is a loud voice that is a signal of the end of your dryer’s cycle. The dryer buzzer is the most obnoxious voice that can’t be bear. Actually, the Buzzers sounds are for the busiest people. Actually, most people are doing many tasks at the same time, so the dryer buzzer is necessary.

These busy people follow the dryer buzzer when the dryer’s cycle ends but on the other hand, some people don’t need any buzzer sound just because they already know when the dryer cycle ends or when to make a new cycle.

How to Disable Dryer Buzzer?

If you don’t like the loud noise of your dryer buzzer sound, you can disable it within some time. You just need to do some easy things that we are going to explain these easy steps below-mentioned. Here is how to disable the dryer buzzer in detail:

Step 1: Turn off your dryer

First of all, you have to disable the dryer buzzer by turning off your dryer. After turning off it, unplugged all the electrical wires that are connected to your dryer, so this process becomes safer for you.  After unplugging your dryer, then you have to turn its dial to the “on” setting to ensure your dryer is completely powered down.

Step 2:   Locate the dryer buzzer

Find the buzzer. Checking the dryer’s circuit or machine’s annual is the most way to approach locating the buzzer. The buzzer is hidden behind the front panel of your machine. But sometimes the buzzer is located behind the dryer’s back panel. Small black tubes are linked to the timing device.

Step 3:  Open the buzzer panel

Now you have to disconnect the wires of the buzzer. The simplest way to deal with a buzzer is to pull the cables that run into the buzzer. With a firm yet careful tug, the cables should come loose.

Once you’ve detached the cables from the buzzer, now cover the ends of these wires with adhesive or electric tape to make sure that no active cables are exposed. However, If you want to get the wires to the dryer boards out of the way, now use a piece of electric tape to wrap cables to the top or side of the panels of the dryer.

Step 4:  Test your dryer

Now you have to test the machine. After covering the wires with tape now you have to connect the dryer back in and turn your machine on to test the buzzer. However, If the dryer still continues to buzz at the cycle that means you have removed the wrong cable so you have to disconnect the other one to disable the dryer buzzer. However, instead of a loud buzz, the machine will finish drying with a soft whimper.

Step 5:  Assemble your dryer again

Once you have disabled the dryer buzzer, the last thing you have to do is to assemble the parts of the dryer again. Now you have to close the dryer and determine if you succeed in perfect adjustment. You have to pull the back panel close and take the rear panel. The anchoring screws studs 0f your machine should match correctly. Tighten all the screws that will hold the back panel in place firmly. Now it is perfect to continue your dryer without a buzzer. The buzzer of the dryer will not disturb you anymore.

How To Disable Dryer Buzzer


We are sure that you have learned everything about what are dryer buzzers and how to disable dryer buzzers easily after reading this helpful post.  If you don’t like the sound of the dryer buzzer then you can disable it very easily in a short time by following all the easy steps carefully.

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