How To Read The Kitchen Scale? [Updated 2023]

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Have you ever tried to read the kitchen scale? If so, you know how confusing it can be. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to read the kitchen scale and get the most out of it. The Kitchen scale is used for the measurement of ingredients. There are many other ways of measuring the ingredients of your kitchen food but the kitchen scale gives a more exact measuring point for your ingredients.

How To Read The Kitchen Scale?

Read The Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scales are essential for accurate measurements when cooking and baking, and knowing how to read them can make a huge difference in the outcome of your dishes. If you’ve never used a kitchen scale before, this guide will teach you everything you need to know.

How to measure your ingredients properly?

Now there are two different techniques for measuring ingredients. The first is measuring by weight and the second is measuring by volume. Now I want to talk about how to properly do each technique and the differences between the two.

Measuring By Weight

When you’re measuring by weight you’re going to use a scale to measure each ingredient to the exact weight that you need for your recipe. Now, this is an extremely accurate way to measure.

Measure By Volume

When you measure by volume you’re using a measuring cup and filling it up to the top with your ingredient so you’re measuring it by the amount of space or the amount of volume that it takes up in the cup. Now, this can be a less accurate way to measure because it’s really easy to accidentally pack too much of an ingredient into your measuring cup or to not fill it quite to the top.

Okay so let’s go ahead and start by talking about measuring by weight. Now when you measure by weight you’re going to need a kitchen scale and these are fairly inexpensive, you can easily find one for less than $20. And when you measure by weight you have a few different options of the units of measurement you will use. Now in the United States, people are the most familiar with the Imperial system, and those units of measurement are following.

  • Ounces
  • Pounds

Now the rest of the world uses the metric system and those units of measurement are following

  • Grams
  • Kilograms

I’d like to encourage you to start learning how to measure by grams because that is the smallest form of measurement and going to be the most accurate.

How to read the digital kitchen scale?

Read The Kitchen Scale

The BBI kitchen food scale is simple and easy to use. There are the following steps to use the scale.

  1. First, touch the on button on the right since there are no raised buttons just touch it with your finger.
  2. Pick what unit you want to use to measure whether it’s grams ounces fluid ounces or milliliters.
  3. Now if the item needs to be weighed in a container that’s no problem Simply place the container on the scale.
  4. Touch the tare button which is the same as the on button You will see the scale zero out.
  5. Then just add the food item. You will see that the scale weighs just the food.
  6. You can also weigh food directly on the scale simply choose the unit of measurement you want
  7. Then place the item on the scale and there you go. You can even measure fluid ounces or milliliters by simply zero out the weight of the container with the tare button.
  8. Then pour the liquid cleanup is easy too.

Since there are no actual buttons the surface is smooth and made of strong tempered glass all you have to do is wipe it clean. However, this is an electronic item so please do not immerse it in water or spray anything directly on the scale. Just use a damp cloth to clean it and don’t forget about your bonus downloadable ebook.


From this article, you can find How to read the kitchen scale. You can get complete information about the units of the scale and the reading of the scale.

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