Where To Put A Microwave In A Tiny Kitchen? [Updated 2023]

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Are you looking to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen but aren’t sure where to put it? In this article, we’ll discuss the different options available for tiny kitchens and help you decide what’s best for you. The microwave is a very important kitchen appliance that helps us to streamline meal prep and fit cooking into busy our busy days and night.

But in our compact kitchen, every square foot counts because of the small space. Then we think that where to put the microwave in a tiny kitchen. As we all know that microwave is not a small gadget it is large which means it needs a significant amount of space in the kitchen.

Then it became so difficult to select the optimal location for a microwave in a small kitchen. So in this helpful post, we are going to give some amazing ideas to place your microwave in your small kitchen. We’ll talk about the best places for your microwave in a tiny kitchen. There are some amazing alternatives to placing your microwave on the counter that is so amazing but no less accessible.

1. Over The Range

You can make a proper placement of a microwave over the range in your tiny kitchen. This placement provides a solution for these kitchens that are pressed for space. place your microwave over the range not only integrates the microwave with upper cabinets but also offers a great illusion of an appliance by combining the stove and microwave functions into one unit. That is so amazing. The over-the-range microwaves have light and ventilation for the range below.  It is aesthetically beautiful, but it also saves space.

put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

Over-the-range microwaves save much work space and but that’s true these units are so expensive as compared to countertop models and it needs professional installation. The range microwave is so poplar position for space-limited kitchens.  It is so safe in this way that it is near Avoid placing it too close to the sink, there is a 4-9 feet distance between the over-range microwave and your sink.

Place near the sink could be dangerous, accidentally shorting it out can hurt you with splashes. That’s why household outlets are always located almost 4 feet away from the sink.   It needs a minimum installation height, of nearly 66 inches from the kitchen floor to the top of the microwave.

2. In a Drawer

 The most imaginative place of a microwave is a cabinet drawer. You can easily install any microwave in any drawer. To use a drawer microwave, you just need to buy a special piece of furniture made and adapted for this use then install it beneath the counter. So, the drawer microwave is the more expensive solution. This amazing feature is stylish and ideal for kitchens with limited counter space. 

put a microwave in a tiny kitchen Drawer

Drawer-style microwaves are amazing reachable as compared to the counter or higher. That means users of any height can easily access this microwave oven.  This configuration is the safest for all users but it is more expensive than countertop models and also has more limited installation options.

3. Set a Microwave into the Cabinetry

put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

Countertop models are tucked into an opening in the cabinetry for a built-in look that offers you to move the microwave off the work surface.  Setting your microwave oven into cabinetry is the best location that provides landing space below. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive option to place your microwave. This is an amazing option for those who love the look of beautifully featured appliances in their homes.

4. In a Spare Cabinet

This option is an easy DIY fix.  This microwave setup allows you to place it at a convenient height, at less cost. Of course, it is a matching the proportions of the cabinets and the microwave. This setup is compatible with the dimensions of your microwave to fit. If you want to do this construction, you should put a plug inside the cabinet to avoid visible cords .you must have to install an electrical outlet within the cabinet that will provide the power to your microwave.

5. In The Corner of Your Counter

put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

The corner area is the best idea when the two sides of your countertop come together to form an angle, then you can easily place your microwave there. This is a corner space that is commonly used. If you have a compact kitchen but a kitchen island, then you can easily utilize that area for the microwave. If you place your microwave in the corner, you can save up space in the cabinets for other small kitchen appliances.

6. Baker’s Rack

When your kitchen is tiny, with limited length along an open wall, then a baker’s rack is the right position to place your microwave. This special unit is often smaller that includes 2 to 4 shelves for storing the kitchen appliances like a microwave or coffee maker.

7. Microwave Hanging On the Wall

If you will not find any space in your kitchen then you can easily hang your microwave on the wall.  There are many techniques for accomplishing this. Overall, you can hang it at an appropriate distance so that you can easily use it, but this should not be placed so far away that will make the reason for any issues.


There are a lot of ways to save space in your small kitchen. Microwaves, coffee machines, juicer machines, and many other kitchen appliances need a perfect adjustment if there is no space in your kitchen. Sometimes people don’t buy these appliances to think that they don’t have enough space to place these things in a small kitchen. 

We hope this helpful guide on where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen helped you a lot if you think that how you can find that extra space even in small kitchens. We have mentioned many easy ways to place your microwave. You just need to choose one of them.

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