Can You Put A Microwave On A Fridge? [Updated 2023]

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Are you looking to put a microwave on a fridge? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore all the options for installing a microwave on a fridge. Everyone can’t afford a large kitchen. Most people have small kitchens that’s why they have to face the issue of putting the kitchen appliances in a tiny kitchen. Many people are so worried about placing their microwave ovens in their kitchens. So the question is can you put a microwave on a fridge?

As we all know that there are many people who place their microwave ovens on top of their fridges. But is it safe to put your microwave on top of a fridge? So we are going to discuss this topic in detail. , in this helpful article, we will walk you through some of the concerns that may arise due to it also is it ok to place the microwave on the fridge?

Is It Okay To Put A Microwave On Top of A Fridge?

Put A Microwave On A Fridge

Generally speaking, it is fine to place your microwave on top of your refrigerator. A microwave is normally placed on the kitchen counter in most cases, but not every person has the luxury of kitchen space. In this way, you can place it on the fridge but before placing this, you need to understand some safety precautions.

What to know before placing a microwave on the top of a fridge?

Here are some basic things to understand before putting a microwave on top of your fridge.

1. Height of your fridge

The most important thing to understand before putting your microwave on your fridge is how high your fridge will be. Placing your microwave so far that you have to lift hot bowls of meals above your head is not a good idea.

It will become so difficult to put and take hot bowls of food above your head and eyes. So if the height of your fridge is too high then you should avoid putting your microwave on top of your fridge.  A lower option to put your microwave is certainly better.

A bar-sized fridge is a better idea and this can work if you are placing your microwave. The fridge is lower so it is safe to put and take two bowls of food from the microwave and there is no kind of danger to lifting the bowl of hot food dangerously above your head. As we all know that a regular-sized fridge’s height is around 6 feet and therefore it is above most people’s eye level. so it could be dangerous.

2. Enough plugs

Sometimes people carelessly connect a fridge and a microwave together in the same power outlet without knowing that it can be a problem as they will have to share the outlet. So both the devices must have their own outlet so that they won’t fight for wattage. When you connected them to the same outlet and you turn on and off your fridge and microwaves then they draw power, in this way sharing the same power point may cause problems. So you have to connect them separately.

3. Weight of the microwave

Put A Microwave On A Fridge

The weight of your microwave does matter. You must have an idea about the weight of your microwave oven before placing it on your fridge. Because the Huge and heavy microwaves might be the problem when placed on the top of fridges. As we all know Fridges have a thin metal top which can be pushed down when you placed a heavy microwave on its top. So you must be careful about the microwaves’ weight.

4. Consider air ventilation

The Ventilation around the microwave and the fridge is really important. If your fridge is tightly packed into a small space then you place your microwave on top, then there is a chance to reduce the air circulation. Both the fridge and the microwave works great when there is better air ventilation around them.

As we all know that the fridge releases heat that can rely on air movement to disperse and remove it from the area. When you put a microwave on top of your fridge, it will stop the air from moving well, and also it will stop the fridge from cooling properly.

5. Make sure you can see the controls:

The common issue with putting a microwave on top of the fridge is your ability to clearly check the controls, time, and checking food. It becomes difficult to Peel in and looks at the top of the food looks hot enough or not. So we must say to place a microwave lower down will make it easier to figure out what you are pressing.

6. Difficult to clean

When you place the Microwaves at the top of the fridge or high, then to clean it becomes more difficult to clean. It is much more difficult to Look inside the microwave to see there where food has escaped and splashed all over your microwave. When you easily look into your microwave then it will make it easier to regularly clean and reach all of the areas inside the microwave.


In the end, we must say you can put a microwave on the top of your fridge but that’s true it ends up quite high and really difficult to see into the microwave. So the better idea is to Place your microwave oven lower down or on a mini fridge so that it will work properly.

In this way, you can safely see inside the microwave and you are not lifting hot food above your head level. It might be risky. A movable cart is also an amazing option to place your microwave if you have no more space in your tiny kitchen. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case!

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