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It’s the first step to making great coffee no matter what you brew with for this you need a Best Kitchen Scale For Coffee. Let’s look at a couple of quick examples to see why using volumetric measurements can lead to problems. We’ll start with coffee makers. Imagine you go to make your morning pot of coffee and toss. The usual five scoops or so of beans into your grinder.

If we weigh the five scoops of each coffee, it’s immediately apparent. There’s a pretty significant discrepancy in weight. It is because a bit of buddy is a lighter roast. So the beans are considerably denser than the dark roasted beans we have in Bronson.

It means that the second batch of coffee using a little buddy is significantly stronger than how you usually make it. Because there’s that much more coffee in the basket, you might end up thinking that coffee is a little too bitter or pungent. When in reality, you might end up loving it. If you had a more precise way of measuring your coffee.

Enter the weighted scale measurements to ensure that using a consistent amount of coffee each time you brew not only does. It helps you ensure that your go-to coffee is delicious every time. But it also enables you to try out new coffees knowing that you’re brewing them as intended.

When you pull it that strong with espresso using weighted measurements for both. Your input and output allow you to use a consistent recipe in the way of volumetric measurements. Just don’t take into further account that coffees will produce less crema as they age. The value of weighing your shots becomes quite clear.

You’ve got the Brewer. You’ve got the grinder. But what’s the missing puzzle piece that’s going to make the most consistent cup of coffee? The scale. Scales are the number one tool and your best friend when trying to figure out exactly how to perfect a delicious cup of coffee. It brings in the science of coffee making.

Some best kitchen scale for coffee can help you in the measurement of you coffee making.

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Price: $30.59

Jennings CJ-4000 Compact Digital

There is a quick review of the Jennings CJ 4000 scale. It’s just a standard digital kitchen scale. But it’s trendy as a coffee scale which is why you can buy it. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. Check On Amazon
Price: $49.99

OXO 11212400 Good Grips 6 Lb Precision Coffee Scale

It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. So, true to its name, the scale is exact. It’ll measure to the tenth of a gram or ounce. You can measure up to six pounds, and every time it starts up. It will recalibrate. Check On Amazon
Amazon Choice

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

But it also tracks your brewing time with an inbuilt timer. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. So, you don’t need to worry about over or under brewing your coffee. Check On Amazon
Price: $6.95

Brewista Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

. It is a great value set of scales for espresso or filter brewing and full of functionality. It is a very responsive and quick display. Check On Amazon

Jennings CJ-4000 Compact Digital Best Kitchen Scale For Coffee

There is a quick review of the Jennings CJ 4000 scale. It’s just a standard digital kitchen scale. But it’s trendy as a coffee scale which is why you can buy it. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. It has been used around the house for weighing all sorts of kitchen and general things.

The scale is primarily known for a few things. First of all its price, It’s about twenty-five dollars. So, it’s very reasonably priced. It’s very reliable. It’s effortless to use, but it doesn’t have a lot of fancy features.  There’s no built-in timer. There’s no auto tare. It’s not waterproof. So, it has some lacking in fancier features. The scales are made to work at an angle, but you have a power button. Your tare mode, you know grams, ounces, pounds, and pieces.

This scale is a 4000-gram scale. So, it’s four kilograms, and maybe that’s like maybe nine pounds, give or take. So, it’s got a very high capacity. The trade-off for a high capacity is it has a low degree of precision. It is a point 5-gram scale. So 0.5 grams of scales are better for the kitchen and coffee. So, this one works well as a coffee scale.

Many espresso scales don’t have a large enough area for a full coffee pot like a big press of Bodum Columbia wherever you use it. So, this is very good for that Plus. The surface area is large enough to put on like a mixing bowl and fill it with flour or whatever you’re doing. If you want to make pancakes or something and with that four thousand-gram capacity. You could put a lot of stuff in there. Measure it accurately and ask for accuracy.

So, there are triple-A batteries. Three Triple-A batteries and those will last you. It does have an AC adapter. So, you can plug into a wall and forget about it. It’s more for use in like a coffee shop or, as you know, an environment where this thing will be on most of the day. The startup time is relatively quick, not as fast as in a Chaya but again was at two to three seconds. So, turning it on and off is no big deal.

It does have the beep, which is kind of annoying. But if you’re making this in the morning and someone is sleeping nearby or if it’s late at night and doesn’t feel like listening to this stupid beep. You can’t turn it off. But honestly, it turns it on. Put your item down terr way, and that’s it right.

You’re only hearing the beep maybe three times. It is a clever little thing. Theoretically, you could use this to put like I don’t know what you would want touching this dirty thing. But you could use this as a container. It could go there, and you could put beans or rice or something.

It does have a bit of a pouring spout. So, you could theoretically is liquid. If you kept it clean enough, that’s it for features has non-skid feet, which are fine.  So, it doesn’t stop. It’s so much, but it is not one of these scales that move around a lot.  I do like batteries AC adapter covered metal cover there. Which is nice just in case you put something hot down. It has not ever melted on me or anything.

OXO 11212400 Good Grips 6 Lb Precision Coffee Scale

We’re going to talk about the oxo 6-pound precision scale. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. So, true to its name, the scale is exact. It’ll measure to the tenth of a gram or ounce.  You can measure up to six pounds, and every time it starts up. It will recalibrate. You’ll see a three-two-one countdown.

When it hits zero, you are ready to use the scale. But, if something is wrong so for instance, it’s on an unlevel surface. Or it can’t tear to zero. The scale will not turn on. It’ll get stuck on one. You’ll know something’s wrong. Then you can fix it before you start weighing. It’s not very large. It’s just five and a half across and like seven and a half long.

It is a black plastic glossy face which looks nice. But it will scratch. So, even though it looks like glass. It’ll scratch. So, to protect it from scratches and heat, it comes with a silicone pad. Because you’ll probably be using it to weigh coffee, so you’ll have hot carafes on there or portafilters to weigh espresso doses.

You’ll probably want to keep that pad on all the time. Another kind of cool feature when you’re weighing things is that when you turn the scale on. There’s a crosshair that lights upright in the center. So, you kind of know where you want to set things. The buttons on there are pretty simple.

It just has three buttons on the interface. So, you have a start and stop button for the time. A power and tear button for power and for tearing down to zero. Then a unit button that allows you to change from grams to ounces and into pounds. So when you’re weighing in pounds. It’ll still show you the ounces. So, that you can have that precise measurement. In addition to that one interesting little feature.

The meter in the top right-hand corner indicates how close you are to that six-pound limit. The closer you get, the higher the meter goes, and then when you hit that six-pound limit. It’ll show you err on the screen. Then you know you’ve gone too far, and you won’t be able to weigh above that. These buttons are what oxo calls touch-sensitive. So, you have to touch them lightly.

The buttons will react, which is true and which is quite a nice feature. So you’re not hitting it a couple of times to try to get it going, especially if you are using this in a cafe. There’s a lot of stuff happening at one time. The weight measurement is in the center, and it is the most famous typeface. So, it kind of sounds silly, but I think that’s useful. Because some scales the weight measurement and the time.

As they get longer, they run together. It is kind of difficult to see which one’s which, especially if you are busy. So one feature that you cannot see is the auto shut off, which is factory set for 30 minutes. You can’t adjust that at all. It’ll always be 30 minutes. You can toggle it on and off, though.

So, when the scale is off, if you hold the start-stop button and the power zero button for a couple of seconds. You’ll see an on button show up in the middle of the screen. That’s just telling you that the auto shut-off is now off.

I know it sounds backward, but that’s what it is. It’ll say an On. Then you’ll see a little button that shows up when you’re using the scale. When a button is showing up in the top left-hand corner, it means the auto shut off is off. So the oxo precision scale doesn’t have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

It takes four AAA batteries, and this puts them there in the bottom. When the batteries are getting low, you’ll see a low battery indicator show up. So one of the additional features this has so that you can save battery is there is. In addition to the auto shut off, which happens at 30 minutes. It has a standby mode. So, after five minutes of inactivity, the scale will just kind of go blank. So, the lights will turn off. Your session will still be there.

So, if you touch it. It’ll turn back on, and you’ll get to see where you were. So if you walk away or get distracted, this will keep you where you were. The Oxo precision scale has all the requirements you need for weighing for coffee and espresso. It has a unique shape that makes it look light on the counter. It has a couple of exciting features, such as the touch-sensitive buttons and that weight meter.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

We’re taking a look at the Hario v60 drip scales. These are a popular set of scales to use in a home for all coffee brewing. As you can measure the weight in grams and tenths of a gram. But it also tracks your brewing time with an inbuilt timer. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee. So, you don’t need to worry about over or under brewing your coffee. It goes a long way in making a consistent coffee.

If you measure both the weight and the time. Now the Hario v60 drip scales are compact enough to take up a ton of space on the bench. But large enough to accommodate Brewers of all sizes. They measure 12 centimeters wide, 19 centimeters deep, and only 3 centimeters high for an excellent low profile.

These scales are elementary to use. Once turned on, it will display your current weight and the timer. These can be controlled from the buttons left and right of the screen. The on and off button doubles as your tare button. So you’ll add your choice of Brewer with a filter, then add in your ground coffee before zeroing the weight off. This way, you’ll know how much water you’re using.

You can accurately control your brew ratio. Two triple-A batteries power these scales. A great feature is if left unused, they will automatically shut off after five minutes to preserve this power. The unit’s main body is made from durable ABS resin, which has water-resistant qualities to it. So it wouldn’t be too concerned with a few spills during brewing.

The drips girl’s accuracy is quite good, too, especially for filter coffee brewing, as it will read in 0.1-gram increments. Starting from 2 grams up to the first 200 grams. Then it reads for every half a gram from then onwards with a max capacity to the scales. Or 2 kilograms which are more than enough for most coffee brewing needs.

Now you’re also able to calibrate the scales, which is an essential factor to keeping them as accurate as possible over an extended period of use. All in all, these scales are a powerful tool for any coffee lover.

Without a scale, you’re left guessing about how much coffee or water to use. But with this more extensive scale, you can put those doubts inconsistency to rest with the ability to have complete control over the number of ingredients you use. It enables you to make coffee that is consistently delicious and precisely brewed time and time again.

It’s a beautifully simple design that is reminiscent of many hereos designs for all their products. But what we love about this scale is its very sleek powdered black matte finish. Its streamlined design here on the display screen on the side you have measurements in grams is the only unit of measurement that the drip scale uses.

So, for us here, our perfect first thing is we only measure out our coffee and grams. If you do the same, then this is great for you. If you’re someone that needs other units of measurement, you might want to consider that. Then what’s fantastic about this scale is it already has a timer set into it. The harrio v60 drip scale is vital in ensuring your coffee tastes great consistently.

Brewista Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

We’re taking a look at Brewster’s smart scale. It is a great value set of scales for espresso or filter brewing and full of functionality. It is a very responsive and quick display. They’d make a great set of scales for use in-home or in a cafe. The scale has an inbuilt timer which is great for all types of brewing. It is the best kitchen scale for coffee.

They’re accurate to 1/10 of a gram. So, 0.1 of a gram is impressive and has a total weight capacity of 2 kilograms. The scales are small enough to fit within an espresso machine drip tray. They come with a silicon pad that can assist in the protection of the load cells against heat and water. By the scales, they are water-resistant with a nano-coating that repels water.

So you don’t have to be too concerned about the extra couple of drips onto them. The Brewster smart scales have an inbuilt rechargeable battery – that’s compatible with any micro USB cord. There’s also a clear protective case for travel or storage, and you can use this tray to weigh out your beans as well in using the scales.

You have an on/off button, and there’s also a time button to start the timer and a tare button to zero off your scales. There are auto functions for these as well found within the six different weighing modes. Each mode is offering something slightly different depending on your needs. Mode one is full manual operation mode.

So the scales will weigh out. But you’ll need to manually tare the scales and press the timer button to start timing mode to is an espresso brewing mode. It will auto-tare the scales. Once you place the cup on the scales and then it will immediately start the timer. Remove the cup to stop the timer. Mode 3 is another espresso brewing mode here.

Your scales will auto-tare once a cup is placed on them again. But you’ll start the timer manually. When you remove the cup, the timer will stop. Mode 4 has an auto tare function. When you place the cup on the scales, but the timer is inactive.  Mode 5 an interesting mode similar to mode 2. It will auto-tare the cup. But then the timer will only start when liquid hits the cup.

Mode 6 somewhat similar to mode 5, but it is a pour-over or manual brewing mode. It lets you place the Brewer on the scales. Then it will tare the Brewer automatically. Place your coffee grinds into the brewer hit tare once more manually. Then the scales will auto-start the timer.

The moment you begin adding water to the Brewer, remove the whole Brewer, and the timer will stop. The mode you’re in will be displayed in the left-hand corner of the LCD screen. In all these modes, your final time and weight will display for five seconds. There’s also an auto-off function to the scales. Its set default is three minutes, but you can make this quick.


If you want to get a coffee scale, this article will help you choose the best kitchen scale for coffee. These are some best coffee scales. You can get all information about these scales from this article. If you want to buy any of these, there is a link to amazon for this purpose. You can click on the link and can get the scale from that link.

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