How Many AMPS Does A Coffee Maker Use? [Updated 2023]

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Have you ever wondered how many amps does a coffee maker uses? As the technology of electricity allows us to live our routine lives conveniently and it also makes our lives so easy. And we never forget to brew our amazing cup of coffee at home to start our day.

As we all know, Coffee makers consume moderate levels of electricity than other household or kitchen appliances. But have you any idea about how many amps a coffee maker use, exactly? If you don’t know then you should read this helpful article.

The coffee maker uses amps and volts to function. The exact amount of amps that the coffee maker uses will totally depend on the kind of coffee maker you use, but generally speaking, a 120-volt coffee maker uses almost five to 13 amps of electricity to achieve ideal performance.

When we talk about a smaller type, such as a 2-cup coffee maker, then we can say that it will use between 2.5 to 5 amps. On the other hand, an 8 to 10-cup coffee maker can consume between 8.3 and 12.5 amps to make the desired quality and quantity of coffee. To learn about coffee makers and electricity usage, you must know how the underlying factors influence the gadgets’ overall power intake.

 Amps = Watts/Volts

In this way, the higher the wattage, the higher the amperes if the volts are kept constant. Let’s talk about it in detail!

What Are Amps?

Amps are also known as amperes these are the units of electrical currents. Some people say that amps are the same as volts or watts, but they’re wrong. Amps are never similar to volts or watts. The basic difference is that a volt is a unit for electric potential difference, while an amp measures the electrical current that the electricity generates. And the Watts are the power of the electrical current.

So in this way, you need to consider the fact that how many amps your coffee maker uses is how long you’re running it. The time duration or longer the coffee maker is on is also important because the more amps and electricity you’re using. So, the general amount of amps can be more or less depending on how long your coffee maker stays on.

How to Measure aMPS?

The multimeter is commonly used to measure amps because the multimeter allows one to measure different electrical circuits accurately. You just need to plug the device into the multimeter via connectors and then check properly how many amps it would be. However, measuring the amps of the coffee maker on your own can do it easily done. You must have knowledge about the volt rating of your coffee maker.

Many kitchen appliances have a voltage rating of about 110 to 120, but you can see the rating on the box of coffee maker. And if you want to know the watts rating of the coffee maker. This is also listed on the box of your coffee maker or on the manufacturer’s website. Suppose, if the watts are 600 and the voltage is 120. You need to divide the 600 watts by the 120 volts and get five amperes.

How Many Amps Does a Coffee Maker Use?

AMPS Does A Coffee Maker Use

As we already mentioned, the amount of amps depends on the power consumption of individual coffee maker brands. There are a lot of brands but let’s talk about the most popular brand among people such as  Keurig, Ninja Series, and Bunn.

1. Keurig coffee maker

A cup of Keurig coffee needs 1470 watts which is 12.5 amps of electricity, to make. However, the single-cup type uses much power because the single-cup coffee maker has different inbuilt features that need an additional amount of electricity to operate. On the other hand, the 12-cup Keurig coffee maker requires 900 watts or 6.5 amperes to make coffee.

2. Ninja Coffee Maker

A single-cup Ninja coffee maker needs about 11.7 amps or 1400 watts of electricity to make your perfect coffee. This consumes extreme power because of the additional features that come with all single-serve brewers. A 10-cup Ninja Coffee bar CF091 usually uses 12.1 amps or 1450 watts of electricity to prepare your coffee. On the other hand, the 10-cup Ninja Coffee Brewer CE251 requires 9.2 amps or 1100 watts of power to make coffee.

3. Bunn coffee maker

A standard-size Bunn coffee maker requires around 1000 watts or 6.8 to 7.0 amps to make coffee. This high rate of power is due to maintaining a continuous plug-in. basically, this constant plug-in is essential to keep the water hot at all times. As we all know that the Bunn brewer might be used with a timer, so this automatically turns on and off option can minimize unnecessary power consumption.

Other Factors Affecting Coffee Maker’s Electricity Usage

AMPS Does A Coffee Maker Use

Apart from the brand of coffee makers, their electricity usage depends on the following factors:

Heating plate: a thermal carafe of your coffee maker can save up to 23% of power as compared to the one already fitted with the typical heating plate. So, we can say that it is more cost-effective in the long run.

Dual coffee makers: Dual coffee makers can consume more power as compared to utilizing manual hand grinders.

Continuous heating:  it will depend on the coffee preparation patterns, the internal heating tanks can affect the power consumption abilities of your coffee maker. So, you have to unplug your coffee maker when you are not using it to avoid unnecessary heating in the internal water tank.

Large versus small coffee maker: A large coffee maker will use minimal electricity on average as compared to the small ones. Infect when the production capacity increases, the power usage starts down. So, you have to avoid smaller makes.


In the end, we must say that the amps depending on the brand and type of coffee maker as well as the usage time period. But usually, the coffee makers do not consume an unreasonable amount of power. So, you shouldn’t take it much seriously. We have mentioned above in detail “How many amps does a coffee maker use”? We hope so, this helpful guide will defiantly help you a lot!

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