How Do I Use The Defrost Function On My Microwave? [Updated 2023]

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In this article, we will discuss how to use the defrost function on my microwave. A microwave is an amazing kitchen appliance that can not only heat your meal but also has a defrost function for your frozen food. But the question is that “how do I use the defrost function on my microwave”? Have you ever faced the issue that you are thinking about dinner, and suddenly you realize that you forgot to take out your required dish from your freezer?

Defrosting food can take some time to defrost, but fortunately, the microwave can help you make your meal on time. With proper setting, microwave defrosting is a safe and easy way of getting meat, vegetables, and other foods ready to cook in no time.

How Do I Use The Defrost Function On My Microwave?

If you’re like most people, you use your microwave pretty frequently, usually popping in a dish or two and hitting the power button to get things cooking. But knowing how to use the defrost function on your microwave can come in handy, especially if you have a lot of food that needs to go in the oven microwave.

So let’s talk about the defrost function of your microwave in detail. So let’s get started for further detail!

What is the defrost setting on a microwave?

Use The Defrost Function On My Microwave

As you know, there are a lot of microwaves that have a defrost setting. This setting can help to lower the appliance’s power between 20 to 30 percent. Basically, this setting will allow your microwave to defrost food without cooking it. That simply means the defrost setting on the microwave will allow you to thaw frozen food more quickly than in the fridge.

How does microwave defrost work?

The defrost setting of the microwave on your microwave works just like cycling the magnetron on and off. Basically, the microwave power can be decreased to between 20 to 30 percent. Microwave settings use higher power levels that will allow the magnetron to generate frequencies continuously which means the microwave is running at 100 percent power.

Is microwave defrosting safe?

Yes, Using your microwave to defrost food is absolutely safe, but you have to cook the food immediately after it’s done defrosting Some people look so concerned about the microwave defrosting according to food safety because, by an improper defrosting, you can get your food into the danger zone.

Because there is a limit of temperature that allows for the growth of dangerous bacteria. So you have to avoid this, and never let defrosted foods sit around instead, you can remove them from the microwave and start cooking your food immediately.

And another thing that is also important to understand is that Faster isn’t always safer because Hot water thaws food quickly, but it will also raise the temperature past that critical 40-degree level. After doing it, bacteria start to grow and the meat starts to cook before you want it to.23-F

How to defrost chicken, ground beef, steak, and other meat in the microwave?

Use The Defrost Function On My Microwave

Here is the simple process of defrosting chicken, ground beef, and other types of meat in your microwave oven in these simple steps:

Step 1: Remove packaging and place meat

First of all, always keep in mind that food packaging should not be put in the microwave. For defrosting food, a glass container is best.

Step 2: chose the defrost option

Now you have to check the defrost button, If your microwave does have not a defrost button, don’t worry, you can easily adjust the power setting to 20% or 30% using the Power Level button. If your microwave has a defrost button, then you have to check what type of food you’re defrosting and its weight to calculate the defrost time.

If this model of your microwave doesn’t have information about food type and weight, then you have to input the time yourself. For example, meat should defrost for 8 to 10 minutes per pound. Now you can set a timer according to your meat’s weight.

Step 3: rotate and flip the meat

If the model of your microwave has no turntable that rotates automatically, then you should have to rotate the meat after every few minutes to make sure even defrosts. It can also be helpful to flip large chunks of meat or break apart separate pieces that are stuck together. This tip can help the meat defrost faster and more consistently.

Step 4: cook immediately

 You have cooked the food immediately after it’s defrosted just because if you leave food for a long time then the bacteria can grow, so you should always try not to let it sit in the microwave for a lot of time.

How to defrost fruits and vegetables in the microwave?

Defrost fruits and vegetables are much faster as compared to meat.

  • First of all, you have to remove your vegetables or fruit from the freezer.
  • Now you need to check the weight of the food.
  • Next, you have to Place your product in a microwave-safe container.
  • Now, you can use your microwaves defrost setting or you can set it to cook at 20-30 percent power.
  • Next, you need to set the timer for 2 minutes. You also need to Check and stir the produce, then repeat until it is properly thawed.
  • After that, you have to Transfer the food to the stovetop and cook immediately.


Now, it’s not time to worry about frozen food because your microwave has a defrost option for it. Basically, your Microwave defrosting time totally depends on the kind and weight of the food you’re going to defrost. Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables will take almost 2 to 3 minutes while Meat takes 8 to 10 minutes per pound. So all you have to learn about is “how do I use defrost function on my microwave”. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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