Can Dishwasher And Microwave Be On the Same Circuit? [Updated 2023]

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Are you wondering “Can the dishwasher and microwave be on the same circuit”? You’re not alone. Many people are wondering if this is possible and if it is, how to safely do it. Electricity is mostly used in Kitchen. We used many appliances such as fridges, microwaves, toasters, juicer machines, and dishwashers.

Now the number of using kitchen electrical appliances in the kitchen is increasing day by day.  Here is a common question that we all think. Can the dishwasher and microwave be on the same circuit? So the simple answer is “Yes”, a dishwasher and microwave can be used in the same circuit if you use them within the requirements of the NEC.

Can Dishwasher And Microwave Be On the Same Circuit?

However, we are not recommending that you should use a dishwasher and microwave in the same circuit. No, don’t do this. Now we will explain why you shouldn’t use both at the same time, below. If you’re someone who needs to learn about that, you need to keep reading this helpful article until you reach the bottom line.

How Many AMPs or Watts Does a Dishwasher and Microwave Need?

Dishwasher And Microwave Be On the Same Circuit

Generally speaking, a dishwasher requires a dedicated circuit due to technological advancement in modern dishwasher manufacturing and the power that they consume during its operations. If they have a customized circuit then it reduces the current loads on the countertops. So when it shares a circuit with other appliances then it can trip the circuit breaker.

Basically, a dishwasher needs 6 amps to start while it needs 15 to 20 amps to run and ensure using the 14/2 NM wire with a ground. So, if you use a dishwasher, then your circuit should be run with 20 or up amps. On the other hand, a microwave requires 7 amps to begin and 20 amps to run. So, whenever you plug in a microwave oven in your kitchen, then you have to manage enough amps. 

Problems of Using the Same Circuit for Microwave and Dishwasher

Basically, an electrical circuit is a loop of electric cables that carries power from the breaker box at the service entrance to the appliance power outlets and back to the breaker box to run out home appliances. This wire loop handles an electrical load very amazingly and safely that is less than the circuit’s rated capacity. But when this circuit becomes overloaded, then the electrical wiring can get hot enough to start fires or burns. To prevent fires, the circuit breaker disconnects the electricity if a circuit is overloaded.

Let’s talk about the main point. When you need to use the microwave and dishwasher at the same time, then there is a chance that these wires will become overloaded and then become too hot. And if you continue the cycle, and don’t give a break then you’re going to damage the whole wires of your kitchen. So, we must say never use the electric circuit to run the microwave and dishwasher. Otherwise, the Circuit breaker tripped because of the suppressing workload on the circuit. So, a dishwasher and refrigerator being on the same circuit may be possible but not commendable.

Is There Any Easy Way To Use A Microwave And A Dishwasher At The Same Circuit?

Dishwasher And Microwave Be On the Same Circuit

So, you have installed the microwave and dishwasher at the same circuit and now you are thinking is there any way to continue with this installation? However don’t be upset, there is a technique that can try to apply to use microwave and dishwasher at the same circuit.  You can use only one electric device at the same time. So, if you use the microwave, then you should don’t turn on the dishwasher at that time.

And if you need to use the dishwasher, then never switch on the microwave. Never turn on both appliances at the same time. This easy and simple way will help you to continue with the same circuit without accident or damage to the wire circuit of your kitchen. But we still recommend you separate every electric home or kitchen appliance to stay safe zone. So, you need to separate all the electric appliance circuits immediately. And the other thing to keep in mind is Never to install any electric circuit under the sink.


In an end, we must say that the wise decision is to separate every circuit of every home and kitchen appliance to avoid any electric hazards. Because when we use the same circuit at the same time then the overheating may start which can burn your outlet and circuit. However, you can use the dishwasher and microwave on the same circuit on one condition if you will not turn on both electric devices at the same time. Use them one by one for safety. So that’s all you have to learn about “can dishwasher and microwave be on the same circuit?” We hope so, this article will help you a lot in this case!

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