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Have you ever wondered if you can microwave a towel? It’s a common question among many people and it has a surprising answer. Basically, a microwave oven is an important kitchen tool that works for reheating leftovers and cooking amazing meals.

The oven works by creating electromagnetic energy waves that cause water molecules to move at high speeds which makes friction that cooks your food. So, you can heat almost everything inside your microwave but the things should be microwave safe.

Well, it sounds very weird to Putting towels inside a microwave at first but there is no doubt, sometimes you need to put a towel inside a microwave to heat it up. But, before doing this act, you must learn that can you microwave a towel

Today, through this article we will cover everything about microwaving a towel in detail. So if you are one of those who are wondering to know about microwaving a towel then you have just come to the right place. So let’s get started for more detail!

Can you really microwave a towel inside s microwave oven?

There are a lot of people who want to know if we can microwave a towel. So yes, you can microwave a towel. Putting a towel in your microwave to heat up, might be one of the easy ways to get a quick and easy cleanup. Not only can this with a microwave, but you also have your warm towel ready in just a few minutes.

To clean the towel you just need some water. Just soak the towel in water until it becomes properly wet but too enough that starts dripping, after that you just have to place it in the microwave for about two minutes at high temperature. Well, there is no doubt there are a lot of Towels, but the common towel is made of comprise cotton or polyester.

Cotton towels contain air and cellulose, whereas polyester contains polyethylene. Microwaving towels, some people think that they definitely can, while others say that you absolutely cannot.  But don’t so worry, we will explain how you can properly heat a towel in your microwave without any danger and saves yourself from shivers in the cold morning.

How to Heat Towels in a microwave?

Microwave A Towel

Learning how to heat towels in the microwave correctly is so important to avoid them getting burnt.

Let’s learn about, what is the procedure of Microwaving a Dry Towel.

  • So first of all, you have to place a dry towel with a temperature of 26.5 degrees on the microwave plate.
  • Then you need to microwave it at one-minute intervals so that you can check the temperature using an infrared thermometer after every minute.
  • Next, you have to repeat the same procedure till the fourth minute.

Now it’s time to teach The Procedure of Microwaving a Wet Towel

  • Well, you need a towel, some water, and a microwave for this process.
  • So first of all, you have to soak the towel and wring it out as much as possible.
  • Next, you have to place a wet towel with a temperature of 22.1 degrees Celsius on the microwave plate.
  • Now microwaved it at one-minute intervals, so that you can check the temperature using an infrared thermometer.

Science behind Microwaving a Towel

As you know, for a microwave to make enough heat to cook or warm food, it needs water molecules, and your meal has plenty of them. Unfortunately, when people try to put a dry towel inside the microwave, there are no water molecules in the dry towel that are present for the microwave to work with, which simply means it won’t produce adequate heat, and the result is that the towel won’t warm up.

Microwave A Towel

The trick is to soak the towel in water and squeeze out all the inside water as you go before putting it in the microwave. That’s why it is clear that it is safer to microwave a damp towel as compared to a dry towel.

Follow these simple tips and tricks When Microwaving a Towel

1. Use Short Bursts

Must keep in mind that, you should never heat your towel for long period; instead of long-period microwaving, you can use only ten or 15-second sessions of heat at a time. In this way, you may need multiple bursts of microwaving to get the perfect result of your towel being fully heated. And you can also repeat the process until the entire towel is warm or hot, but it is depending on the required temperature.

2. Consider Microwave Size

The second thing to understand is that you should not overcrowd a smaller microwave with a big towel. So you must have an idea of microwave size. A reasonable precaution is to consider that there is at least 3 inches gap between the sides and top of the microwave. So before microwaving anything, you must leave space between the edges of the towel and the tray when placing it inside.

3. Let it sit for a While

Last but not least, It’s not safe to remove hot towels immediately from a microwave because they can burn your bare hands  Instead, let them sit for some time so that they become cool down on their own before handling them.

risks of microwaving a towel

Well, there is a basic concern with microwaving towels is that the towel can act as fire starters. When you put a towel in the microwave, towels can reach temperatures as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it is hot enough to bear for some materials. A cotton towel has little or no water, and if you microwave it for a long time then it may catch on fire or start to smoulder. So, a smouldering towel might ignite other combustibles around them.


In the end, we can assay that you can microwave a towel. But you should always be avoided to put a dry towel inside your microwave. Well, that’s all you need to know about “can you microwave a towel”? We have explained everything in detail. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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