What Happens If I Microwave Fruit Flies? [Updated 2023]

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Usually, it is a basic question that is frequently asked by people “What happens if I microwave fruit flies”. So today in this article we are going to solve this riddle. Basically, the fruit fly is the only creature that loves a lot fruit more than you. Generally speaking, they’re called drosophila and they have been crucial in the understanding of basic genetics in common language we say those fruit flies or flying little specks. Basically, they are so tiny you wonder if you’re imagining them.

Don’t be upset if you have a fruit fly issue. Basically, the Flies can only enter your microwave if you left the door open for these tiny creatures to fly in. Usually, the cavity inside the microwave is sealed. So, if you block these vents you may pose serious safety and fire hazards. But the question that is raising in your mind if these fruit flies are inside the microwave is “What happens if I microwave fruit flies”? So we are going to explain it in detail. Let’s dive into deep detail!

Can you kill fruit fly in by microwave heat?

Microwave Fruit Flies

Basically, Fruit flies can survive heating in a microwave. The microwave heating cannot kill them immediately. Basically, the Fruit flies contain water that can easily absorb microwave energy. But if the rate of heat is absorbed proportionally to the volume of the fruit fly. The rate of heat that can escape the inside of the fruit fly basically is proportional to the surface area.

The thermal gradient is basically the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the fruit fly but it is divided by its size. Small creature fruit flies can rapidly reach a steady state where the heat flow is equal to the heat flow out. That clearly means the internal temperature in a fruit fly will increase according to the square of its size. In this way, the heat of the microwave cannot kill fruit flies instantly.

Now the question is how long the fruit fly can survive in the microwave. So roughly you need almost 10 to 12 minutes to get fly dead. It can be cooked just like your food in that the liquids in its body would boil from interaction with the microwaves. But defiantly, it will take time because the Microwave has radio waves about 4 inches long.

So in this way, any object smaller than an inch will receive just a small portion of energy. But it is also a fact that Microwave radiation not only kills insects by its dielectric heat but also affects the reproduction of survivors. So we can say that Microwave radiation, with good penetrability, can easily kill pests existing inside or outside grain kernels. Roughly you need about 12 minutes to kill fruit flies.

What happens if you microwave fruit flies?

It’s very important to distinguish if you have a fruit fly infestation in your microwave. They get inside easily in your microwave.  Flying insects can sneak by most quickly. Once they’re in your microwave, then they’ll look for something to infest. The microwave is a prime target for these fruit flies just because it’s in the kitchen, which provides a large opportunity for food and water from spills, leftover food, debris, waste, etc.

so when you microwave the fruit fly then the fluid inside that fly would boil and expand in volume. The carapace of that fruit fly does not allow for this. However, the carapace would rupture as pressure rises.

How to get rid of flies in the microwave?

Microwave Fruit Flies

Read through two easy home remedies to eliminate those fruit flies from your microwave.

  1. Before doing this cleaning, be sure to disconnect the microwave from power and it’s completely shut off. Basically, fruit flies like vinegar. Using vinegar for fly flies in your microwave is that it’s completely natural. You just need to Heating some vinegar in your microwave will help disperse the smell. This will bring in even more fruit flies. But after bringing them in, what next? How do you kill fly fruits? Now you need dish soap and water. Make a solution of these three ingredients that will kill all the agents because they get stuck in it.
  • You can also try The Funnel Method for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies,
  • just Take a sheet of paper and form it as a cone-shaped funnel, now Seal it with tape
  • Now stick it into a jar or wine bottle that’s baited with a small amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • Now Place it in your kitchen. The fruit flies will accumulate in the jar.
  • After a nice collection, release them outdoors.


Microwaving fruit flies is not an effective or safe solution for getting rid of them, and it’s better to take preventative measures to address the root cause of the infestation and eliminate the source of food and shelter.

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