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It’s not surprising if people asked the question “are yetis microwave safe”? Yeti is a famous name for itself crafting quality and attractive insulated drinkware. There is no doubt, Yeti cups or mugs are so popular.   If you have a Yeti mug and tumbler, and you are wondering if it’s microwave-safe, then you’ve just come to the right place. The topic of this article is “are yetis microwave safe”? So, let’s break down some of the interesting information surrounding microwaving your Yeti cup.

Can You Microwave a Yeti? Are Yetis Microwave Safe?

If you asking that “can you microwave a yeti” then the short answer is no; you cannot microwave a Yeti because it is not safe. However, the Yeti cup is made of stainless steel such as metals and stainless steel that can conduct electricity which makes them a worse mix with microwaves.

Basically, Yeti drinkware is amazingly popular that including mugs, tumblers, jugs, and bottles that are made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. Well, you know that Steel does not mix properly with radiation emitted by microwaves while heating.

Yeti representatives say its customers that exposing a Yeti to a microwave can be dangerous and strongly discouraged. You can also see the warning label on Yeti cups that clearly states “Microwaves and metal don’t play well together. Do NOT place any Ramblers in the microwave; fire, or injury, can occur.” After this clear statement of yeti’s production, we will not recommend you use the yetis in the microwave.

Why You Can’t Microwave a Yeti?

Yetis Microwave Safe

However, you have learned that you cannot microwave a yeti but the question is why you can’t do this. It is also important to understand the logic behind why you can’t microwave your Yeti, so read this carefully. Basically, the tiny “jolts” of energy are used to heat food or liquids.

But this heating method occurs when bursts of energy start to pass through an object and speed up the natural vibrations of the object’s molecules. Microwaves basically work by sending bolts of energy through an object which speeds up the vibration of the molecules inside the microwave.

When these molecules start to vibrate at faster speeds, then the friction is generated energy that is converted to heat to increase the temperature of the objects inside the microwave.

Well, these molecules pass through by f these “microwaves” of radiant energy when heat increases, and after that, they start to vibrate faster. This faster movement makes friction. Generally speaking, the kinetic energy is converted into heat. And the production of Yeti with stainless steel which does not allow these waves to move through its molecules.

This metal does not absorb the energy, that’s why it makes the reasons to build up inside the molecular structure. After that, the excess energy emerges as sparks, intense heat, and loud “popping” noises as result. That can never be a good sign.

Because it will cause a fire hazard that is dangerous to your microwave, your Yeti product, and your safety. The conductive object means that the pass-through method can be initiated by the microwave being blocked. All types of metal have the same effect, and Yeti products are no exception.

What Happens If You Microwave a Yeti?

When you microwave a Yeti, then heat buildup can be seen as sparks, smoke, and potentially flames inside your microwave.  This is dangerous and can catch fire also. You can not also heat the liquid inside the Yeti at all.

By blocking and absorbing the system, the energy starts to be put out by the microwave, because a Yeti’s stainless steel structure shields it from those same waves. And the waves cannot ab able to reach the inside liquid.

When the waves do not reach the liquid inside the Yeti, so they can’t be in a position to start the process of heating it. So, in the result, you can see sparks fly literally. So, the best option is not to put your Yeti in the microwave at all. Keep your safe, metal and microwaves far apart.

Can You Put a Yeti in the Oven?

Yetis Microwave Safe

Well, as you know Yeti drinkware isn’t safe for the microwave, It might be delicious to know that putting them in the oven to reheat liquids is a safe alternative. So let us tell you that no, it is also not safe.

You cannot put Yeti drinkware in the oven for two reasons. The First reason is that Yeti drinkware cannot be exposed to temperatures above 185°F. And the higher Temperatures could easily damage the drinkware permanently.

And the Secondary reason is that it takes too long time to reheat the liquid. The Yeti heat up liquid for at least twenty minutes. So you cannot put a yeti in your oven also.

What to Do Instead of Microwaving a Yeti?

Heating Yeti drinkware is largely unnecessary and unrecommended. These products are made to keep liquids hot or cold for long periods. The liquid can stay warm for up to six hours in a Yeti mug.

You can enjoy hot beverages in your Yeti, you can pour coffee, tea, or other drink from the pot into the drinkware and close the lid. It will stay warm for a long time but if your beverage gets cold inside your Yeti, then you can put it out and pour it into a microwave-safe container then heat and put it back into your yeti mug. Now it will remain hot for several hours.


In the end, you know that now you fully understand that microwaving a Yeti is unsafe and it’s also an ineffective way to heat liquids. Infect, Yeti has a good reputation for producing amazing products that can keep the liquid hot for hours, and outside temperature does not at all.

But if you want to microwave it then it is not recommended. So never try to reheat your coffee, tea, and other hot beverages very often in yeti’s mugs or cups otherwise it can be dangerous. 

When you don’t need reheating, you can pour your drink into a microwave-safe mug, heat it in the microwave, then you can pour it back into the Yeti mug. It’s as simple and safe. So that’s all you need to know about “are yetis microwave safe”. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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