How To Make Coffee Less Bitter Without Sugar? [Updated 2023]

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Some people don’t drink coffee just because of its bitterness. So they wonder to know “how to make coffee less bitter without sugar”. And some people are so conscious about their health and diet, such people also avoided sugar in their cups of coffee. So we must say there are a lot of different alternatives to sugar that can help make to make coffee taste less bitter.

Have A cup of coffee is an amazing idea to start our day. It will give us a much energy boost. But there are many people who are regular coffee drinkers. That’s why the taste of coffee might not be good for them as coffee has a bitter taste. But, this bitter taste can’t be the reason to skip your coffee. We must say, there are many ways to change the coffee taste. After reading this article you can make your coffee less bitter without sugar.

Making Your Coffee Taste Less Bitter

There are some different methods to make your coffee taste less bitter. We are going to mention the most effective ways to make your coffee taste less bitter.

Changing the Type of Coffee You Use

Make Coffee Less Bitter Without Sugar

The taste of coffee is affected by roasting. A stronger roast can extract more flavor of coffee that can increase the bitterness of the ground while the medium roast coffee grounds have less bitterness. You can also decrease the bitterness of coffee by Changing to decaf but in this way, you might lose the “caffeine” in your cup of coffee.

Make some Changing To Your Brewing Method

Making some adjustments in the brew method of your cup of coffee can also decrease its bitterness.  The most effective change is to lower the temperature of the water that you are using in your cup of coffee. Basically when you Use boiling water, then it will give your coffee a much bitter taste as compared to low-temperature water.

You can also cool down the water for a while after boiling it to make coffee less bitter taste. If you are using a French press to brew your coffee, so you have to reduce the brewing time. Decreasing the brewing time can help you make the cup of coffee less bitter as well.

Add some ingredients to make coffee less bitter

If you follow the above two mentioned steps, your coffee can be less bitter. And adding some different ingredients to your cup of coffee can also help decrease bitterness. So, we are going to mention some effective additives, below:

 Add Milk to Your cup of Coffee

The best and easy way to make coffee less bitter without sugar is to add milk to your coffee. It is so effective to reduce bitterness in your coffee. In this way, milk or milk products like cream or fat can also help you cut down the bitterness of coffee. You just need to take care of the quantity of milk that you are going to use. Because the quantity of milk will depend on whether you like white or black coffee.

If you are a lover of black coffee, then you need to add a few spoons of milk or cream to your cup of coffee. That is enough to make your coffee taste less bitter. But if you are a fan of white coffee then you need to use much amount of milk and cream in your cup of coffee.

Add Cinnamon

Add spices such as Cinnamon is one of the best additives to make your coffee less bitter. Because they are paired with some kind of sweet dessert. so it can be easily used in coffee. It smells so good and incredible and it is also too good for your health.

In this way, cinnamon is an excellent replacement for sugar. Basically, Cinnamon is a low-calorie food item that has multiplier health benefits. So people who have concerned about their health should avoid sugar, and use cinnamon. This is the best option for them.

Add Some Salt

 There is no doubt, it sounds odd but that’s true if you add just a little bit of salt to your cup of coffee then it will help to reduce bitterness in coffee. Just because the salt contains sodium that helps to revive stale-tasting coffee. You just need to put a pinch of salt so that your coffee will not taste salty. So according to Research, salt is a better compound as compared to sugar to decrease bitterness.

Add a Spoon of Honey

Honey is also an amazing organic alternative to sugar. You just need to add a small quantity of honey that can easily make your cup of coffee less bitter. However, for more sweetness, you can add more honey to your cup of coffee.

Use Butter and Coconut Oil In Your Coffee

Make Coffee Less Bitter Without Sugar

You can use butter, fat, or coconut oil which can help to cut the bitter taste in coffee. You just need more effort in blending to make your coffee properly less bitter taste. You just need to put both butter and your brewed coffee in a blender and mixed them well.

Add Citrus to your coffee

If you add a little acid to your cup of coffee then it can also help to counteract the bitterness of it. Some drops of lemon or orange can make coffee less bitter.


The coffee tastes bitter does not mean that you should stop to drink coffee. We have mentioned some amazing tips that will help you brew a delicious cup of coffee with less bitterness. So, you can refer to one of the above-mentioned tips to make a delicious cup of coffee. We hope so, this useful post on “how to make coffee less bitter without sugar” will help you a lot in this case.

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