Can You Put Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker? [Updated 2023]

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Have you ever wondered if you can put instant coffee in a coffee maker? Instant coffee is much popular among those people who want a quick cup of coffee. People who don’t have enough time to spend making their cup of coffee. So, to make it quicker, can you put instant coffee in a coffee maker?

The answer will surprise you. Because we are going to just say. No, not at all. It is not OK to put instant coffee in a coffee maker at all. So, in this article, we will explain why you can’t put your instant coffee in detail. So, keep reading this helpful post to better understand. Let’s get started for more detail!

Why you cannot put instant coffee in a coffee maker?

As we have mentioned above, you cannot put instant coffee in your coffee maker because Instant coffee is made to be dissolved in hot water, so it may not work properly with a coffee maker. The coffee is weak and watery and has no cream on its top. Basically, Instant coffee is made of coffee beans. Roasting, grounding, and brewing are all needs to make the beans to be dried and it also has artificial ingredients to extend its shelf life and which also helps it to avoid staleness. That’s why it is not recommended.

Easy methods to use instant coffee

Put Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker

If you don’t put instant coffee in your coffee maker then you can make a perfect cup of coffee without doing this in the coffee, there are two easy methods used where instant coffee is dried to make it suitable to take:

  1. Spray-Dried
  2. Freeze-Dried

Both these easy methods are beneficial to instant coffee just because being convenient and time-saving. But that’s true these are two different preparations that will have two different results. The process is simple but you should be done it carefully. Because it will affect the quality, appearance, and taste of your coffee.


To dry instant coffee means that coffee is already brewed to remove its excess liquid. Intense heat might be used to separate the liquid from the brew. It will help to prevent issues like lumps consistency. This process is applied to make the coffee without any preparation that needs to make from scratch.


Spray-drying instant coffee is made to transform into a powder, so that will has a fine texture. The coffee is steamed in a cylinder tower for consumers to make a perfect size. If the particles are shorter then they aren’t enough to be used. Basically, the intense heat will cause the aroma of instant coffee to disappear because it has to be mixed with pre-ground coffee to compensate for that aroma to strip. So we can say it is a downside to it. And the other downside of it is that the spray-drying can kill the quality of the coffee and it loses its strength and flavor.


The freeze-drying instant coffee is made to increase its shelf life. A temperature of – 40 degrees Celsius is used to freeze the excess liquid.  The main downside of this method is the slow drying process. In this way, it can easily preserve the flavor and aroma of your coffee, but that’s true the long time period must need to freeze. The process is also expensive and also complicated to improve quality.

Types of instant coffee

That is also a fact that the texture and taste of instant coffee totally depend on its type of it. Basically, they’re different, but both need hot water or milk to resolve.

1. Powdered instant coffee

Powdered instant coffee is much similar to the coffee that we usually make in our coffee, powdered instant coffee is the result of spray-drying.  Basically, it is made by drying quickly with intense heat and making the coffee as a powder. The brew is milky and sweet enough that can be drunk without adding sugar. Sometimes powdered cream includes making a milky consistency.

2. Crystalized instant coffee

Crystalized instant coffee is more watery and has a less bold flavor as compared to powdered instant coffee. Crystalized instant coffee is made by freeze-drying. Basically, the Water separates from the concentrate of the coffee beans. Then removed it from the concentrate to freeze, and get the crystals to form it. Although the brew is instant and has the same bitterness of taste or flavor.

What happens if you put instant coffee in your coffee maker?

Put Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker
  • If you put instant coffee in a coffee maker, the result may in mushy with an odd and bad smell. The taste can also be intolerable, and it is difficult to clean after putting instant coffee in the coffee maker.
  • A clogged coffee maker may be an issue because instant coffee hardens because being dries. The only easy way to remove it is to dig it out by using a spoon.
  • A coffee maker will not work properly for instant coffee at a random moment because it can’t do this.
  • Basically, when you put instant coffee in a coffee maker, then the hot water will flow over the coffee and dilute it. And after that, a weak and watery cup of coffee will brew.  So we can say that Instant coffee has lower quality and can produce a weaker cup of coffee. That’s why you can’t put instant coffee in the coffee maker.


So in the end, we must say you cannot put instant coffee in a coffee maker. You can use instant coffee in drip and French press coffee makers only. Yes, it is fact that you will not get the same flavor or quality with freshly brewed coffee to put instant coffee in drip and French press.  If you want the best cup of coffee, then you have to brew it with coffee grounds. We hope so this article will help you a lot!

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