The Led Light Turns Off By Itself [Updated 2023]

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Sometimes, you’ve tried to switch your led light on, and the led light turns off by itself immediately. There are a few things, that can easily make you frustrated, and the led light issue is also one of them. So, what might be the reason behind the issue of your LED light turning off? Is it really normal for lights to turn themselves off? So, we must say, No, not at all it isn’t normal.

If you notice this behavior in your home, then you need to take immediate action. But the miner reason can turn into a serious issue that can easily burn your house down. So, take it seriously and try to find out the reason and also try to fix it.  It might be a faulty power supply, imbalance wattage, or a loose connection. In this article, we will explain this issue in a little more detail and also how you can fix these problems by yourself at home.

Why led light turns off by itself?

Usually, when you see that the LED lights are turning off, so there are a few basic reasons are given below:

Power Supply Issues

 The most common reason, if your LED light isn’t wired into the mains circuit is the power supply, then it could make a fault, especially, if it is too old. Sometimes the fault will just develop because of the position of the power supply. for example, if the led light is outdoors then it has to battle the elements, while if it’s indoors then there isn’t much air circulation, then might deteriorate faster. The poor-quality power supply can also be the reason behind the issue. The cheap and non-reputable brand has cheaper parts and materials. so this kind of power supply can develop a fault, and it cause to overheat.

LED Driver Failing

Led Light Turns Off By Itself

The second potential cause is the led light’s driver failing. The driver in the led light is a critical component that can manage the step down in power,  convert the mains AC current into DC, and also decrease the voltage to the level needed. If this driver is faulty, then it cannot be able to manage the voltage properly, and it can put an overload on your led light. Basically, the Driver of led light has a longer life span and works for the duration of the bulb, which for LEDs will be a long period. if you’ve placed a cheaper bulb then it might be causing the bulb to switch off.


Moisture might also be the reason because it infiltrates the switch and causes complications such as the led light keeps turning on and off automatically. Dirt and debris on the switch and led light can make similar results.

Loose Connections

Loose connections are also one of the common problems. They are simply responsible for flickering lights and crackling outlets, etc. Loose connections can also behind your led lights to go off. You have the issue that may occur because of loose connections:

  • You turn off your led light but it stays on
  • Your turn on your led light but it stays off
  • You Move the switch to the off position and it turns the light on and vice versa.

Is It Dangerous If Switch Turns Off Automatically?

Switching that turn on or off itself is not dangerous, it is just irritating. Yes, that is true loose connections can fire by igniting the combustible sections of the device. The automatically turning on and off, they will present the following signs:

Switch might Spark

First of all, the switch will start sparking whenever you turn it on or off. Arcing is dangerous in switches, especially when you notice that the sparks are loud.

The switch will make the Smoke

Some switches don’t stop sparking and making noise. Then they start to generate smoke. If you check the switches, you will see the burn marks inside and on the cover. You can also notice a burning smell from there.

Switch Produces Buzzing Sound

When the condition is Dangerous then the switch makes buzzing and popping sounds. This might be occurring by loose connections. Sometimes, these buzzy noises come from the light.

Switch becomes Hot

A hot switch is just as problematic. A light switch must always be cool, especially if you have a standard model. But the standard wall switch can generate heat so that it becomes warm to the touch. These tiny sparks can much bigger problems.

How to Fix Turning off Lights?

Led Light Turns Off By Itself
  • Yes, it’s difficult to find out the nature of the fault exactly if the light is turning off immediately. If there is only one led light on the main lighting circuit and it’s only one led light with an issue, then you need to understand that there is something wrong with this light so you have to replace that led light while if it’s a light powered with its own power supply, then the fault might lie with the lights or the power supply, and you can’t easily determine that. If we talk about the new power supply, then its cost is $10 to $15, so if you have high-quality led light lights that would be so costly to replace, then it is better to replace that first before you replace the lights.
  • If this will not work, then you have to replace the LED lights to resolve the issue but you have to replace the actual light fitting.
  • If you don’t have any experience with electricity, then you need to hire a professional electrician to do it for you properly.


LED lights are an amazing thing when they work. They’re so long-lasting, and help you a lot with your money. But they also have their little issues. Sometimes they start to flicker and other times and they suddenly turn off by themselves. So we must say that is not normal. You need to be concerned about that issue and try to fix it before it gets late. We hope so, this article helps you a lot to find a solution.

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