How to Use Air Fryer Accessories? [Updated 2023]

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There are top 9 Air fryer accessories and how to use them. I’ll let you know which ones I think are a must-have, which ones are nice to have, and which ones I think are a waste of money and space. I love sharing simple and easy air fryer tips with you.

You might have already discovered how awesome it is to cook with an air fryer. In most cases, it’s a lot faster, plus it just makes cooking so much fun. Then when you start adding in the right accessories, you’ll be able to do so much more with your air fryer. There are the following 9 accessories.

How to Use Air Fryer Accessories?

Use Air Fryer Accessories

1. An Instant Read Meat Thermometer

When you’re following a recipe, the actual cooking time could vary slightly because all air fryers are slightly different. Using an instant rate thermometer takes the guesswork out of your cooking with the air fryer because you’ll know precisely when the meats and baked goods are done.

2. Silicone Spatulas and Tongs and Turners

You probably already have things like this in your kitchen. Since the majority of air fryers have that nonstick coating inside. You want only to use accessories that will not scratch or damage that coating.

Silicone is an excellent choice because it’s heat resistant up to 600 degrees, and it won’t scratch the coating or melt pros to having these. It’s versatile and can be used every day in your kitchen. Not just for your air fryer, the only cons I found so far is sometimes these silicone tongs can get a little bit slippery. When I’m using them to pull dishes out of the fryer.

3. A Spray Bottle

Instead, get a bottle and buy some high-quality oil that’s healthy and has a higher smoke point. It’s a healthier option for cooking, and we can use it in so many other ways.

4. A Heat Resistant Surface

Even if you have granite countertops, I would protect your investment and use something between your air fryer and your countertops. To protect it, you can use the wood cutting board. Because you can use it for other things as well and it looks cute in the kitchen. It looks cute in my kitchen and has lots of uses. Some cutting boards are super expensive, but you can find some affordable ones too.

5. Heavy Duty Foil

There are two great ways to use foil in your air fryer. When I’m baking, I like to cover up the pieces of bread and cakes to keep them from burning. Because they’re so close to that heating element, you can also use foil to make a sling. It’s great for lifting things out of the air fryer. But there are a few warnings with foil.

Make sure you leave enough room for airflow. So don’t spread foil across the bottom of the basket. You need that air to flow. So the food can cook correctly, and of course, you need to be careful as you lay it down and move it in the air fryer. Because after time, it could start damaging the coating in your air fryer, and lastly, make sure you secure the foil.

6. Oven Safe Pans or Dishes

Using an oven-safe dish. Opens the doors to baking things like pies, casseroles, cakes, quiche even bread. A few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for dishes for your air fryer. First of all, it needs to fit in the air fryer. Not only width-wise but height-wise. You’ll see this was made for the air fryer. It has a little handle, and it’s easy to pull in and out of the air fryer. But you can also use cake pans for anything that’s oven-safe.

7. A Microfiber Cloth

Use Air Fryer Accessories

No, this does not go inside of your air fryer. A wet microfiber cloth and some dawn dish soap work wonder with your air fryer basket. You never want to use anything abrasive that’s going to scratch or harm the coating. Microfiber is nice and soft and does an excellent job of getting those layers of grease and oil off the sides of the basket. It’s also great for wiping down the exterior and the interior. You can use this daily in my kitchen.

8. Silicone Molds and Cups

Now you don’t need these. But I enjoy using them for meatloaf bites or brownie bites, or pancake bites. Little egg omelet cups and cupcakes and muffins will work in these cute little silicone molds or silicone cupcake liners. They can use in your instant pot as well, and they add some fun interest to your foods that you’re cooking.

9. Silicone Oven Mitts

Now you can use a hot pad or a towel to lift hot things out of the air fryer. But I do like these silicone mitts. Because they’re thinner, so it’s easier to get your fingers in between the air fryer and the pan you’re pulling out.

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