How To Choose The Best Air Fryer? [Updated 2023]

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If you want to purchase an Air Fryer? Then you should have an idea about How to choose the best Air Fryer. Air fryers are so popular appliances for a few years that are closely related to convection ovens. They have the function of circulating super-hot air over and around food to cook and make it crisp.

In this way, they can be amazing for “fried” foods even if they are not fryers. Although air fryers have a lot of misconceptions about themselves like what they are actually and what they can do.

By the name “Air fryer“, the words suggest that this appliance is a fryer, but it’s not and you can easily use it as you use the oven to cook food.

 Basically, we can see many new categories of air fryers. We can still buy an original form of air fryer, we can see fryer toaster ovens, air fryer Instant Pots, and dual-drawer air fryers. So it is very important to discuss which type of air fryer is the right choice for you.

Because choose the type of air fryer depends on your requirements and what you want to do with it. There are many people who use an air fryer as a replacement oven because of limited space in their kitchen.

But some people use the air fryer to make crisping up fries or chicken wings only. So you should always choose the type of it according to your need. There are still many factors to discuss regarding air fryers. So let’s get started for further detail!

Key Factors to Choosing the Right Air Fryer

Choose The Best Air Fryer

Now, we are going to mention some master key factors that will help you a lot to choose the best air fryer:

1. Size

It’s better to understand how many people you’ll be cooking and you must know how much capacity you need. Size is the main factor to consider before buying an air fryer. First of all, see how many people are in your family.


The below detail will help you to choose the right size:

  • 1-2 people: A Small air fryer might be between 1 to 3 Quarts or 0.95 to 2.8 Liters.
  • 3-4 people: it is a small
  • Family-sized air fryer that could be between 4 to 6 Quarts or 3.8 to 5.7 Liters.
  • 5-6 people: An Extra-large air fryer that must be between 7 to 8 Quarts or 6.6 to 7.6 Liters.
  • 7-9 people: it is A Multifunctional air fryer that can range from 9 Quarts to 30 Quarts or 8.5 to 28.4 Liters.


Basically, it is a bulky appliance, if you are going to place it on your countertop, then you need to see about dimensions and size. If you are one of these people who use it regularly then you have countertop space to place t properly.

2. Cooking function

You should also have an idea about the cooking function of the air fryer that you are going to purchase.

Adjustable temperature control

Temperatures are so important to cooking food so you need an air fryer that gets to 390-400 degree cent grade. Infect, there are many recipes that need to be cooked closer to 400-degree cent grade, so you need to buy one as close to that as possible. It’s also a good idea to purchase one that has a timer that you can set and it goes off when it’s done its work.

Pre-set cooking programs

However, there are some air fryers that have pre-heat functions already which you just have to press for the preheating process. If your air fryer model does not have this feature, then you should learn how to do it easily: so you have to set the temperature at which you are cooking the food. Or at the temperature that the recipe states, simple.

3. Material and durability

Basically, material and durability do matter a lot when we choose an air fryer.

Non-stick coating

Well, air frying has a nonstick coating and that is Teflon. This coating is used in components of a lot of air fryers that are applied on a tray or basket on the interior of the air fryer that will allow food to cook evenly. And it will also prevent from sticking the food. So before choosing an air fryer you must check out this nonstick coating.

Build quality

Basically, there are many air fryers that are made of plastic, with a metal basket inside. As we all know Plastics contain chemicals that disrupt our endocrine system. So whenever you cook food in plastic, those chemicals leach into your food. So always try to avoid the plastic-made air fryer.

4. Ease of use

Digital display

Choose The Best Air Fryer

Basically, you should be known that the digital display can be found in the digital air fryer, not in the manual air fryer. This is an air fryer that has a digital LED control panel that has pre-built presets and smart functions like pre-heat, keep warm and shake reminders. That will help you to use your air fryer easily.

Dishwasher safe

 Dishwasher safe is also an amazing feature of the air fryer. It is really safe for removable components like the basket, the divider, and the pan. So you need to make sure about the dishwasher should be safer in the air fryer.

5. Price

If we talk about the price of air fly then the lowest Air fryer price in Pakistan is Rs. 13,200 while the average rate of an Air fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 18,900.

6. Other considerations

Brand reputation

Whenever you plan to purchase anything then you must check the brand reputation. Because Most air fryers used the same basic technology and features. All air fryers use hot air circulation technology to cook or heat your meal. But there must be quality differences between brands. So always be careful about the brand reputation.

Customers reviews

You can check the customer reviews that have already purchased the brand’s air fryers. Here you can see whether these comments are negative or positive. Customer reviews can help you a lot to choose the best air fryer for you.


Most brands offer a warranty ranging from 30 days to three years. Basically, the warranty is a kind of security that helps you to exchange the product after malfunctions. A good warranty means you can buy the product with more confidence. So you need to choose the best air fryer warranties on the market today.

7. Additional features

Air filter

Basically, the air fryer has an insert at its back that allows it to remove odours as it cooks. It can easily be removed and inserted for cleaning. So when you choose the air fryer then must check this amazing feature.

Dehydration function

The dehydration function is another amazing feature that is designed to remove moisture content from food to dry them. You just have to set the function knob to Dehydrate by pressing the hydrate option. The preset temperature of 150°F will occur. If needed, then you can rotate the temperature or timer knob to adjust.


In the end, we must say that you should pay attention to the main features of that air fryer you are going to purchase. These features might be size, capacity, cooking function, material, etc. when you check out all these features perfectly then you can buy an air fryer.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that you should take the time to choose the best air fryer. don’t make a hustle just calm down and check the brand, product, reviews, and features then buy it because it is better to wait for some time rather than waste your money on a useless product.

So that’s all you need to know about “how to choose the best air fryer”. Now you can easily select the best one for you after reading this article. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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