Why Does Coffee Make Me Cough? [Updated 2023]

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When you feel that coffee makes you cough, then it is totally fine to be asked why coffee make me cough. There are a lot of people, who do not have coughing after drinking coffee. On the other hand, some people may cough upon consuming coffee. Basically, there are some basic reasons behind the coughing issue.

So when you notice that coffee does make you cough then you need to put glance at your diet whether you are taking medicines with coffee, do you have health digest, are you drinking too much coffee. If you are doing this, the coffee can make cough and if you don’t stop it then your cough is worse or your coughing may get worse when you consume coffee. So, today we will explore some of the primary reasons behind coffee making you cough in this helpful guide.

Why Does Coffee Make Me Cough?

There are several factors that can cause this annoying and sometimes uncomfortable symptom. In this essay, we’ll explore the reasons why coffee can make you cough.

Effects of coffee

Coffee Make Me Cough

There are some of the common effects of coffee such as;

  • Dizziness, poop-up, muscle tremors, gastrointestinal tract upset, headache, frustration, irritability, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, and alertness. These effects of coffee basically occur due to the main ingredient caffeine, and these effects may last up to a maximum of 14 hours.
  • Drinking too much coffee may cause dehydration which triggers the act and condition of coughing. Your throat will get dry due to dehydration, that’s why excessive coffee consumption will cause coughing.

Does Coffee Make You Cough?

Basically, the coffee doesn’t cause coughing, other than in some extreme cases. This is the dehydration that can affect caffeine and make your cough worse, but it doesn’t cause your cough. However, there are some basic reasons why your cough is worse. However, many people say that they cough more after drinking coffee.

So does coffee make you cough actually? We must say….. Yes, and this is common. Coffee has a huge amount of caffeine, that helps you to feel relaxation feeling and comfort, that’s the way there are a lot of people who have a feeling of coffee addiction and they even can’t live without it.

Caffeine puts good effects like increasing energy, alertness, increased memory, and ability to concentrate. On the other hand, Coffee also makes you dizzy and you can also experience some unpleasant symptoms, most easily seen in the throat. But we must say, these symptoms are not experienced by all coffee drinkers.

Basically, the use of coffee can impact your coughing because caffeine causes dehydration in coffee drinkers, and dehydration is the main reason for a dry throat. This can easily lead you to worse coughing.  The worse cough is not only a common symptom of caffeine in coffee with health.

However, caffeine in coffee is also the cause of phlegm. In this order, keeping a limit on coffee consumption is only the way to avoid having too much phlegm in your throat. The caffeine stimulates the lungs to make more and thicker phlegm. Coffee quickly causes dehydration, which can easily lead to the production of thick phlegm.

After that Thick phlegm will make it more difficult for your throat to clear. After that, it may be causing to an itchy throat, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. So, if you often get phlegm from drinking coffee, make sure to decrease your coffee consumption or make sure you stay hydrated.

Basically, the dry cough can cause pain and also constant itchiness. Symptoms of caffeine in coffee users always depend on the amount of taking coffee, medical condition, predisposition to allergies, and several other factors. So, if you feel that drinking coffee makes your cough worse while you are in one of the above-mentioned situations, then you need to keep a limit on your coffee intake or consult your doctor.

Why did my coughing start when I drink coffee?

Coffee Make Me Cough

Basically, there are many people who associate their coughing with coffee because their coughing starts right after drinking a cup of coffee. However, it is a case of confirmation bias. Unless you consume a lot of caffeine in your cup of coffee, the caffeine didn’t cause you to cough.

People just think that the coffee created the cough but, the cough was already present, the coffee just exasperated it. You can face a cold or allergy symptoms, and the cup of coffee that you have to take just helped you notice these symptoms.


In the end, we are clear that coffee may not cause coughing, perhaps its active ingredient, caffeine, can lead to dehydration very easily. Coughing is a common symptom of massive caffeine consumption. Allergy due to the caffeine in coffee is rare, but may still occur. When you are allergic to caffeine, then you will not only cough upon consumption but you can also experience other symptoms including nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.

Such allergic reactions upon coffee consumption can happen within a few minutes to a maximum of a few hours of coffee consumption. If you are not facing these symptoms but only coughing, then we can say that it is not due to an allergic reaction to caffeine intake. So, now you have a better idea about “why does coffee make me cough”. We have explained everything in detail.

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