How To Clean A Grill Cover? [Updated 2023]

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Are you looking for ways to clean a grill cover? Cleaning the grill cover is an important task to keep your grill looking its best. In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean a grill cover and the best ways to do it.

If you are a grill lover, then you must have this household appliance at home. Then you must know an essential part of the grill cover. It protects your grill. That’s why it is very important to know how to clean a grill cover.

Grill covers help to keep your grill clean but sometimes it needs to clean itself when the cover becomes dirty. So keep reading this helpful guide to know how to clean your grill cover. Below you can learn about some easy steps you can go about cleaning your dirty grill cover.  Follow these easy steps to clean your grill cover, below:

What is a grill cover?

Clean A Grill Cover

The amazing thing that protects and covers your grill while it’s not in use. When you store your grill outside when you’re not using it, then outdoor elements can damage your grill if it’s not properly protected. So grill cover is an amazing way to protect and extend the life of your grill. If you live in that area which is climate then you have to face rain or snow, so you just need a grill cover. If you do have not a grill cover then you must buy it for your grill’s safety

How to Clean a Grill Cover?

Here are some easy steps that will help you a lot to clean your grill cover. Let’s take a glance:

1. Gather Supplies

First of all, you should gather all the correct supplies Such as a bucket of water, mild dish soap or soapy water, a sponge or soft bristle brush, a garden hose, and clean towels. You have to gather all these things to clean your grill cover.

2. Remove the Cover

Must check that your grill cover is a little bit dirty or too dirty. If it is less dirty you can do light spot cleaning but if the grill cover has a lot of dirt then you have to take the cover off to do a deep clean. So it’s better to remove the cover. You can use the handles at the top of your grill cover to pull the cover off the grill, and then shake it to get off any loose debris.

3. Hose Off the Cover

Now you have to lay the grill cover on the ground and use the hose to spray off any remaining dirt. Now Flip the cover over and repeat this process on the other side of your grill cover.

4. Scrub the grill Cover

Now you have to Mix a few drops of dish soap in the water of the bucket and make some good bubbles. Now take the sponge or soft bristle brush and start to scrub the grill cover with the soap water. You can also dip the cover for some time so that the stabbing stains lose. Now take the cover and scrub it well from one side of the cover, hose off the soap, and then flip the cover over to scrub the other side of the grill cover.

5. Clean the grill cover from Inside

Now it’s time to clean your grill cover from the inside because the grease from the grill can get on the inside of the cover and make it sticky and much greasy. So, you have to flip the cover inside out and scrub it with the soapy water mixture just like you scrub it from outside. Hose it off and repeat this scrubbing process as needed.

6. Wash time

When you scrub your grill cover very well then it’s time to rinse it with water. Wash it until the soapy water rinses out.

7. Dry the Cover

If your cover is small then you can easily drape this cover over your fence or you can also hang it up to dry.  However, if you have a larger cart or island grill cover then you should to laid down it on clean towels and dry it in the sun. But you must keep in mind that you have flipped the cover over after some minutes so that the other side would be too dry.

8. Re-Cover the Grill

Now your cover is properly dry from inside and outside, so it’s time to recover your grill.

Cleaning Tips

Clean A Grill Cover
  1. Don’t wash your cover in the washing machine or never dry it in the dryer machine.
  2. Must clean your grill cover after using it and before covering it.
  3. Let the grill cover dry completely
  4. flip the cover after a few minutes so dry
  5. Scrub the cover from the outside and inside properly.

With these simple steps, you can easily clean your grill cover in no time at all.


When we store our grill outside, then there are many chances to be exposed to dust, dirt, stains, and various unwanted elements. Therefore, it will make the reason for faster, when we put a cover on it, our grill is protected. But the covers from outside will get dirty. That’s why we need to clean the grill cover.

If we don’t do this then this dirty cover will make our grill dirty? So it is essential to clean the grill cover on time. With the information that we have provided here, you will easily learn how to clean the grill cover again. We hope so, this article will help you a lot. Happy grill cover cleaning!

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